Training Livestream - Getting Started with Level Streaming - Live From Epic HQ


Alan Willard is back to talk about the different techniques that you can use to handle loading levels seamlessly in your game! Alan will be covering all the bases, from basic cut-to-black to conditional loading on events. How to unload levels and manage what players can experience will also be covered as Alan goes through his tutorial. Come for the level streaming, stay for the magic.

Tuesday, April 11th @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]



Alan Willard - Sr. Developer Relations Technical Artist
Alexander Paschall - Community Manager - @UnrealAlexander](

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Sweet! Can we please hear about proper settings that allow hitch-less streaming on PC and mobile ? Thanks!

Thank you for having all these amazing livestreams !
What is the best approach when combining level streaming and HLOD’s ?

Can we build/dynamically generate levels and stream them into the game? Or would you do it differently?

And please give some kind of basic introduction to the concept. I’ve watched some of the older streams and sometimes you just dived into the topic without really explaining the fundamentals. :slight_smile:

Sweet. :smiley: Cant wait to watch!

If I can’t watch stream in time, is it possible to download it later and where I can find it?



How can i determine if a streamed level is fully loaded? Example, i’m in a level with a room and i want to load another level with another big room that take time to load, in the first room i have a gate that opens only when the second room is loaded, it exist some kind of event dispatcher that allow me to say to the gate “hey, i’m ready, now you can open up!” ?


Yep, you can re-watch it on Twitch or wait that they upload it on youtube :slight_smile:

How can we make proper Level Streaming in multiplayer game and benefit from it to make large world?

Is it good idea to use level streaming in open worlds? Like world consisting very small chunks, spawning around each player.

Could you review tips and tricks for loading levels and using level streaming with world composition. Specifically, if there are any “tips and tricks” that the docs often do not cover. Also, could you discuss Texture Streaming warnings that occur often with these larger worlds streaming mulitple levels.

Question - If I have some logic that must be processed before a new area is streamed in, are there events I can use to trigger that?

This, and the differences between indoor and outdoor approach to streaming.


Is level streaming beneficial when running on non-dedicated multiplayer servers?

Do large nav meshes work with level streaming?

I was hitting nav mesh size limit in a large level and was wondernig if it would work better split into smaller chunks and streamed.

Approaches to Level Streaming - Massive Large Worlds (Pre-Existing Designs)

#1. What are all the options for taking a mega-large-world with no WorldCcmp & adapting it?

…Architecturally what’s best practice … Where do you even begin?
…Especially regarding infinite vistas & near / far-off planetary bodies…
…No Navmesh, but Unity multi-camera 1-viewport blended rendering.

#2. Plus, can you discuss Level Streaming & Origin-Rebasing intricacies SP / (MP nkey PR).

You want World Composition to do that. There’s a whole system for it here:

The World Composition tool will have to be a follow-up stream since Alan will not be covering it specifically in this video. Sorry about that.

Thank you for those great livestreams. This will be the first I can see strictly live, huray!!

Question: Is it possible having two levels visible at the same time? I make an example: Imagine that you have a room with a window and through that window you can see a garden with its foliage meshes. It could be possible that we have the garden and foliage, of course, in the persistent level and always visible and a number of levels of the room with different decorations and textures that we can switch? If it’s possible, how can we do it?

any estimation date for the World Composition stream please ?

You either bind an event to “On Level Loaded” of the streamed level, or you can also determine the state any time by checking the “Is Level Loaded” property thereof.

Hey! Do you guys know why in multiplayer if you use streaming levels with the world’s UseClientSideLevelStreamingVolumes boolean checked, the first time a client loads up the streaming level using a streaming volume, the actors that belong to the streaming level beginplays are not called? This only happens the first time the client walks into the streaming level region. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

Thanks! Exactly what i was looking for! :smiley: