Training Livestream - Creating Semi-Procedural Materials - Feb 7th - Live from Epic HQ


has a whole new project to show all of the material editor fans out there. Run through some examples with as he makes modifiable materials that can be used for many purposes. Then he’s showing how to bake them out and how you can use a render target to preview certain things like Parallax mapping while tweaking them.

Tuesday, Feb 7th @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]


RyanBrucks - Sr Technical Artist -

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Interesting, will be watching!

How do you break up the repetitive look when you tile a material?

Can’t wait for the stream :slight_smile: I am very interested in rendertextures thing that you did in yt demo.

Oh god I love this guy and I’ve never seen him on a stream before :o

Will this be upload somewhere afterwards for people in the uk, perhaps Youtube?

thanks for the video. will to watch. :wink:

My mind is ready

Yay for \ :smiley: /

They’re archived on Twitch itself, and will be on YouTube like a day later.

Looking forward to seeing a bit of magic

Could you give us a little example of smart materials? And how to implement it on a Actor design?

Thanks for Assets and Youtube links !

Apparently the reason why “Merge Actors” had the materials options greyed out was because I needed to specify “Use specific LOD level”


That was a great session. Unfortunately, I started watching half way through. When are you going to upload it on YouTube?

Is this going to be uploaded to Youtube? Iv been waiting for the upload since last Wednesday.

thankyou very much

Is it possible to replicate the interior cubemap technique but using spherical (or cylindrical) geometry? For example for faking an environment seen through a window.

You dont need to do anything to do that. Cubemaps already work like you describe. You just have to sample one.

I wanted a parallax effect (instead of the normal camera vector skydome thing) and found the DistanceLimitedReflections material function which seems to do what I want. It would be nice if you could rotate the cubemap somehow. The cubemap seems locked to the world rotation and I have no idea how to change it.