Training Livestream - Blender to UE4 - May 30 - Live from Epic HQ


and are joining the livestream to talk about using Blender to make assets for UE4. Together they will explain the process of importing characters made in Blender into Unreal. will use Rigify to show how to import animations and retarget them to take advantage of Marketplace animations. He’ll also demonstrate bringing a Static mesh with proper scale and smoothing into UE4. works as Blender’s 3D graphics developer and will be helping answer what is happening behind the scenes when working with Blender. Be sure to ask a lot of questions for the Q&A!

**Blendman Download: This includes “Unrigify” and the texture images.
Tuesday, May 30th @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]



Special Surprise Guest: !

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Please talk about a work around for the “scene root” root bone issue. All the newest versions of blender add an additional root bone at the top the hierarchy. This DESTROYS animations.
Right now I’m stuck always reverting back to Blender 2.74 when the time comes to export the FBX. It’s infuriating!

It would be really helpful if we could edit skeletons in UE4 (add/delete/rename bones)

Just what I have been looking for.
Gonna need some Notebooks for this one (I hope)

I noticed that too, Aumaan… would be great if we could turn that off somehow. Maybe there is a work-around (that doesn’t involve using an outdated version of Blender)?

Somewhere on the forums someone posted how to remove that root bone. It required some minor changes to Blender exporter, I did that for myself and it worked but I have no idea where I found that.

I would love to watch this but it will be during the night my time, will there be a recording of it?

Given that Dungeon Architect’s free content was made in Blender, and I mainly use 3ds Max, I’m glad Epic realise how overdue something like this is…

With the addition of NvCloth Solver to 4.16, I think some people may also like to know how to import cloth content from Blender.

I’ve tried that “fix” where you edit the python script, it no longer works. Blender STILL adds the extra root bone even with the changes to the exporter script.

all live streams are recorded , u can watch them on twitch or on youtube few days after .

This is exactly what I was looking for! The old livestream you guys did a long time ago was only a little bit helpful for me, sadly, but I have big hopes for this one.

Am so happy , all the guides on youtube were about maya and 3ds but i couldnt afford them .I had only blender as option and i cant wait for this .thank you so much unreal team. :smiley:

What Aumaan Anubis described is pretty much the biggest issue I have with working between blender and UE4. I really hope they address that in the stream.

I believe that issue has been fixed in 4.16:

Hm, it still works for me.

Can Blender provide a solution for making hair or fur assets? I tried NeoFur, but it dosent give me the results I want for my character.

You can bake hair particles to textures using cycles and place cards with UVs using that texture yourself. Or get an addon (15 bucks) to do it for you:

Question: Some other people were wondering about this and I’m a bit curious too. What’s the best way of exporting animations from UE4 and getting the IK data back into your Blender rig animation? I was thinking you could make virtual bones (with the same orientation as the Blender rig IK bones) and attach them to the hands/legs in the UE4 skeleton, then export the rig using the new 4.16 preview mesh export.

Then in Blender constrain the original Blender rig to the UE4 rig IK bones, bake the animation (bake action in Blender), remove the constraints and then you should be able to edit the animation again. Assuming virtual bones can be exported at all, if they don’t I guess you need to export the IK bones from Blender too. Does this seem possible and if not, is there some other way?

How do you export characters to UE4 with collisions made IN blender.

There’s a new feature in 4.16 that allows this by giving the objects a specific name, and they’re imported into UE4 as collision objects.
Please demonstrate this!

Thanks for this. Will the particles appears as geometry or some other visual form in Unreal if its possible to export te results from the addon?

The addon outputs quad meshes so it’s just geometry.

Great, I will have a look info it :slight_smile: