Training Livestream - Blender to UE4 - May 30 - Live from Epic HQ

Great, I will have a look info it :slight_smile:

looks interesting, might watch this one.

Yall are the best. Thanks for putting this one together :slight_smile:

The only question I have is how to import morph target animation (for lip sync and other nuanced facial animation). I can get by with just doing it by hand in Unreal, but obviously I’m more comfortable with the animation tools in Blender. Is there a way to do this? I would really appreciate it if you addressed this in the stream!

I hope you mention - UE4 Tools Addon - Lluis Garcia these tools; they’re amazing.



Seriously, it’s nearly impossible to get the correct scaling of a character from blender to UE4, and it freaking changes nearly every blender update! And what’s with this odd problem where the skeletal mesh has a different scale compared to the animations??? (adding an animation either shrinks or grows the character to a different size).

I am interested to hear about pivot painter 3dmax equivalent plugin for blender that is for some reasons put on a backburner for a very long time.

Can´t wait for this stream! I haven´t been able to wrap my head around importing from blender yet. This will hopefully teach me a few things!

I think I already posted my questions on Twitter, but I post it here too :wink:

  1. How to rig skeletal mesh in Blender so that exported skeletal mesh and anims are compatible with UE4 mannequin/skeleton ? (with and without retargeting technique inside of UE4)
  2. How to setup static/skeletal mesh in Blender and what export settings to use to have smoothing groups in UE4 ?
  3. How to workaround root bone issue that happens in the FBX export (FBX import in UE4 should really have option to remove root). I’ve heard of animating armature as if it was a root bone and having no extra root inside of the armature.
  4. How to render out cubemaps from Blender to UE4 (it’s easy to render equirecs, but that won’t work in UE4 as cubemap/skysphere)
  5. How to loop and bake physics simulation anim in Blender and then export it into UE4 ?

Thanks beforehand

All which Motorsep mentioned and also maybe a texture workflow for both Blender Internal and Cycles to UE4 and if possible also light export.
Would be great if Epic created a shader plugin for Blender to get the same result in Blender’s viewport as in UE4, maybe in Blender 2.8 when the PBR viewport is integrated.

Motorsep = Legend <3 So true. I see you everywhere breh.

I’m not too sure about the skeletal issues, but for exporting I always get the right size with FBX export. I work with the metric unit and scale object to real world sizes, the same size gets exported exactly as is in UE4.

Make sure you have the FBX exporter enabled, the one authored by Campbell Barton, Bastien Montagne and Jens Restemeier, Version 3.7.7 is what I’m running. There was another FBX exporter for someone else, the one I’m using comes with Blender.

In the export settings, use these settings:
Scale = 1.00
Forward = -Z Forward
Up = Y Up
Tick “!EXPERIMENTAL! Apply Transform”
Disable any flags which you don’t need.

So if you’re modelling a skyscraper or mountain, set it to a real world size before exporting, if you want it to be at the right size when opening in UE4. Otherwise you’ll have to set the Scale flag, which could create complications if it does not match the size you’re looking for.

Very interesting! Im eager for this training livestream. Imma take some notebooks out :smiley:

Very intresting. I am looking forward to it :smiley:

Btw, I think Blender 2.78 has broken FBX exporter - no matter what units and scale I set, it always exports in Blender units. So if I have “metric” and “1”, which results in 100 meters ^3 cube, I end up with 100 units export (100 cm in UE4).

The static mesh scale has always (? at least a few years?) been the same. If it says 2m in dimensions that’s how big it’s going to be in UE4 regardless of scene unit scale. 0.01 unit scale is used to fix rig issues.

great news. thanks Unreal

Could you guys show us how to create UV maps for our 3D assets in blender?

I am so excited for this! I’m definitely going to be taking a lot of notes. I’m hoping they will cover some major export processes. Specifically I would love to see their optimized pipeline for animation. Do they use NLA strips and export the armature for each animation?
A more targeted question: Can you use Blender’s Pitchipoy facial rig?
I’ve tried using it before and had issues so I’ve worked around it and had to make my own facial rigs.
Also, drivers vs rigs for facial animation. Is there one approach recommended over the other?

Can’t wait for this!

Strange, I’m exporting fine in Blender 2.78. Maybe check the Blender folder for older versions and clear the settings to factory default. Just make a note of any add-ons you’ve added not part of the standard Blender ones.

Retargeting the rigify rig to make it compatible with the marketplace animations I thought to be impossible to do well because the skeleton structure is very different… so I’m really really interested how this will work. Anyone tried and got acceptable result with it?