Top down character rotation replication

I’ve set all the characters tabs to replicate, and while i get the actor location and events, i’m unable to get the characters rotation itself. Currently i am using a mouse aim to rotate the character by hit channel. Could someone fill me in how to force replicate the charters rotation by blueprint?

I’m attempting to replicate a characters rotation, so even by using function replication it resets when moving. My overall goal is to have a character Look to where the mouse is aimed, while being able to move freely; and to replicate this mouse look to the other players. What i have found is that replicate movement does not apply to the Set actor rotation, but only to Add controller Yaw input. So… is there any manner to interpret the mouses position onscreen into an “add controller Yaw” “val” input. I’ve thought the possibility to check if the mouse is to the left or right of the characters current facing then input a value based off that, but am not quite sure how to check mouse location based off that.


get the relative location and promote to Variable, then use the variable to set rotation to other items.


No luck, it seems the “set rotation” functions are not set to replicate themselves, so while i can get a replicated varriable i can’t actually replicate the result to the other players (atleast by what im seeing).

Here’s what i set up, i did get it working to send back via function, but with it doesn’t update well with event tick and mouse cursor. basicaly it spasms when player moves, or ignores it altogether to favor the movement input.
So, whenever the character moves, the rotation breaks; that’s the issue that i have there.

I would grab the rotation of each client and have them send it to the server, and have the server replicate it to the other players.

I believe the reason that replicate movement doesn’t work is because it only replicated movement/controller input nodes.

Well, the solution was a bit easier than i thought after all that, the problem was that the actor rotation was being set on the controller, then attempting to set the actors rotation via getting their already set rotation from the character; so i guess the two conflicted causing it to seem to spasm out.

So what i did, was have an event tick send a call function relaying the info from a mouse hit channel function to the character, then on the character set up a on client and on server custom events to relay the information to the clients.