Togglinh light and Syntax difference


I am pretty new to Unreal Engine 4. I have started making what I see in the tutorials, but I find only tutorials for older UE4 patches and I think the “syntax” Blueprint commands (for example, the red and blue boxes) are a bit different. Since I reached the ‘Light Toggle’ tutorial I have found some thinks (for example ‘OnActorBeginOvelap’ is used by different way) that aren’t the same in patch 4.9 .

I have succeeded to make the light turn on and now I’m trying to make it turning on when I’m in the Trigger Box, but somehow I doesn’t succeed.

I will be very thankful if you send me tutorial or just to show me how it must be done(screenshot for example or just write it) :slight_smile:

P.S. Is there any file/documentation with the differences and how they look like now ?

Thanks in advance,

Hello DeividDimitrov,

In order to toggle the visibility of a point light, you must drag a Trigger Volume and a Point Light in your level. Ensure that you click on your point light and in the details panel, go down to where it says Rendering and uncheck the visible box. This will ensure that your light starts in the “off” state.

With the basic setup completed, you can now have a look at my blueprint and try to copy it, which should allow you to toggle a point light on when you enter the trigger volume, and off when you exit the trigger volume.

Hope that helps,

Sean Flint

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: