Toggle Visibility changes


So i’m following some tutorials regarding blueprints and there is something that is bugging me. In the tutorial they make an example blueprint of toggling a light on and off and use something similar to this.


The cotext menu for the selected pointlight has the toggle visibility option.

When I try to do it though i have no context option for toggle visibility and the only was i can do it is with something like this


Why is it like that? I assume it’s because i’m using 4.7 and the tutorials are probably using an older version of it. But not having the context sensitive option really makes this harder than it should.

Hey man,

Yes you’re right the version they use in the tutorials are one of the first UE4 versions and he mentions its actually a pre-release build.
The way around this is by not selecting anything and right-clicking in the blueprint event graph. Type toggle into the menu, then find “ToggleVisibility (name of your light)”
like below:

that node will directly reference your light and any component in your blueprint as long as you choose the menu item that corresponds with the right component.
Good luck man and I hope this helps.

the node looks like this:

notice the node tells you what its targeting, the ‘self’ means its targeting something within the blueprint.

Cool, just wanting to know it’s not something i’m doing wrong. Thanks!