Toggle lights through first person character

Before I get into details, can you do me a favour and put a 1s Delay after Begin Play and see if it works.

Also, since you’re reading this, do you need to get the player involved in this communication? You may have a reason, just asking. :slight_smile:

Hi Guys, I’m super stuck, I need somebody’s help please.

I’m working on a touch screen button to toggle lights. I got working a print string to test, however, I found impossible to make the lights work. I used an event dispatcher (’‘call lights’’ in first person character blueprint) and (’‘bind event to lights’’ in the level blueprint)

could anybody have a quick look at my BP to see if I’m doing something wrong?

many thanks in advance and thanks

for your help.

Hi, I just add a 1s delay but it didn’t work.

I am new with UE4 and the only way I found to do the print string to test is this one. That’s why I need a little help. I think once I make a screen touch button to work properly I can just copy and create others

Many thanks

At a glance it looks fine, I thought that it was the order of binding execution that was messed up.

Can you place a print string after Toggle Visibility in the Level Blueprint - it should trigger. Can you confirm?

Hi, I place a print string after Toggle Visibility in the Level Blueprint and it is working. I think I solve the problem. I just change light mobility from stationary to movable and they worked. sorry about this, but the problem is I’m developing this for phone app and I think movable lights are no supported in mobile.

hey, no worries,
many thanks for your time and help.

I am no expert on mobile but I was under the impression that mobile can have movable lights.

Have a look here for details, it seems you’re limited to 1 directional, 4 point, and 4 spot - all movable.

Also, have a look at the footnote there:

By default, support for Movable
Spotlights on mobile devices is

And you’re right - stationary light are unsupported.