Timeline not stopping properly?

Hi everyone and happy holidays,

I’m kinda new to UE4 and I just ran into an issue with the timeline (for two separate blueprints actually) that I can’t find an answer for. So I created a lift yesterday and it’s working great and all but then I realized that I was using static data for the timeline, which would require me a lot of blueprints if I wanted the lift to go at different locations, which totally defeats the purpose of the blueprints in the first place. Today I made a new blueprint, but using a Lerp and a float variable to determine the location of where I want the lift to move on the Z-axis. The thing is now the lift gets stuck on the top position instead of going reverse when I exit the collision box. With my last setup it was working wonders and the lift would go on reverse when I jumped off but now it stays where it ends and it’s not quite what I want.

On another note I’m having a similar problem with a room where I put a lot of lights in it and then made them flicker to give it a sort of creepy look. I used a timeline to select the values doing an “M” where the two highest points have a value of 1 and the 3 lowest points have a value of 0, going 0.125 sec from each other then going to a float X with a value of 5000. I’ve put a collision box so that when you approach something in particular, all the lights start to blink at the same time. However, when I exit the collision box, the lights all stay on when I want then to stay off. When I enter the box, the timeline is set to play and when I exit it is set to stop.

I didn’t have this problem with the timeline with my doors blueprints and the few other stuff I worked on using blueprints before so I don’t know why it’s happening.

Thanks in advance guys.

With the blinking lights try to use eventtick with te collision box and with the lift try to link the actions in chain like

Begin Overlap or button or you know this----Play timeline----lerp or anything
End Overlap ----Play reverse ----lerp or anything

There is a logic problem in your blueprint.

Look at this situation:

When your lift is on top position - GetActorLocation points on top position and EndLocation variable also points on top position.

So it doesn’t matter what alpha (0-1) will be in lerp, it will still points top position

My advice: store a start location and use it in your Lerp node. You can fill it in construction script.

Now you mention it it does sound logic, but I can’t see how to implement it properly. Sorry my level is so low, I think it’s actually the most complex stuff I’ve done until now.

So I hope this will help:


Ok, I see what I’ve done wrong thanks. I guess I was too focused about having two float variables and when I saw it couldn’t be paired with GetActorLocation I panicked.

I haven’t played much with the construction script yet, so I used Event BeginPlay instead.

If you don’t mind, could you give a look to my other script and tell me what I’ve done wrong with it ? I’ll try my best to fix this one by myself. Anyways, thanks again.

If I understend you well, you just want to turn off light when player move out of collision box, right?

Then, just turn off lights :slight_smile: My suggestion:

Wow I didn’t know that sequence function, it works wonders. Thanks mate, now I can get back to create some more blueprints.

Looks like I got a new problem now. So, I had 3 blueprints for my lift, one for each axis. Now that the Z axis one is working fine, I basically copy/pasted the blueprint, only changing the vector letter going to the Lerp. The problem is that both X and Y axis lifts are moving to a specific location that I did not set. Whatever which number I select for the End Location, it’s always going at the same place, which is not quite what I was expecting. It’s strange as the Z axis one is working perfectly well, going up and down accordingly to the value I type in.

Instead of creating 3 blueprints for each axis, change float variable EndLocation to Vector and use Lerp (vector)

This is sort of what I tried before asking in the first place and my lift was always going sideways until I hit a wall, no matter what the values are. Then I went for the float value with make vector, but it’s definitely not that efficient.

Can you post a screenshot of your blueprint and also write what values are you putting in your lift objects for EndLocation.

Yes, of course!

The value I tried entering was 300 for the Z axis.

You need to set X, Y and set to destination locatio or do some fancy tricks.

If you set only Z then it will go to to point 0, 0, 300 and I think that is not what you want :slight_smile:

Oh yeah I thought that since I wanted only one axis to move that I would not have to change these values too. I don’t know where I get my logic from, now it works definitely better with a complete location. Thanks again.