Third Person Shooter Kit - Cover system, Human AI, Paragon characters, QTE & new stuff is coming!

hamsterPL, I think this tutorial is great but maybe you guys can agree to sell the both packs as integrated and together in a bundle or something so save 2 hour of integration work-out:)

This would be amazing! Please guys cooperate to release one awesome and I don’t mind to be expensive kit!

Hi can you please share how to do that if you managed to do this?

In AI character BP, you need to change any reference to class BP_TPPCharacter to charcter from Charcter Interaction kit. Also you need to set the same collision setup as BP_TPPCharacter has. Much easier would be to add features from Character Interaction kit to my charcter. Frankly, what is only missing is attaching weapon mesh to spine bone. Hiding/unlocking weapon tutorial is done on my channel. What you would have to do is to play animation on weapon hide.

I made a quick tutorial how to integrate bullets with destructable meshes and physics

Hi all!

I just bought this about a week ago and think it’s amazing. Big thanks to @HamsterPL. The only issue I’ve come across is the AI not shooting at the character after changing the skeleton mesh.
But they’ll still react, go into cover, and everything else they should be doing. Has anyone else come in contact with this issue? if so, could you point me in the right direction to fix this.

Did you set up the socket names correctly in your new skeletal mesh?

No. I had assigned the new mesh to the SK_Mannequin skeleton then switched the static mesh on the blueprint.
The same way HamsterPL did in his tutorial.

They seem to have the same sockets when I looked.

Managed to fix it somehow. Thanks BarisT for the reply :slight_smile:

Hi,great pack congratulations,i buy this yesterday,i have study all blueprints and all works great,but,whem i migrate to my project nothing works,and i know the is my fault,i just a mess in blueprint,so my question is,how is the right way to export to my project?
the enemy shoots and the launch pads,and another things do not affect the default player from your kit,i change the controls,game mode,what i lost?
I work in scenarios for a long time,i forgot it everything.

Don’t know if this has been asked yet. (Sorry if it was and I missed it.) Is there a way to make your HUD work with Splitscreen Or was it just designed for a Single player and would need heavy modification?

Could make a movie using the DM’s in the PhysXPack? Thanks.

Today I’ve send update for 4.17, so it should be live in few days.

Thank you! I think I’ve emailed you already - You should not just straight migrate the files. You should create project from launcher.
It doesnt work because you need to copy project settings file from tps kit project. In this there is a setup for all inputs and collision
channels which my logic heavy rely on. If you dont have it in your project, my logic cant find it thus it cant work.

For now it is designed for single player, although I think it’s possible to add split screen mode. I’ve never done it though.

Hard to say since I don’t own this pack, but I think it should be no trouble.

This one week, various ways were tried, but it isn’t possible, so I want you to tell me.
I’d like to replace with the character of the different skeleton.
Side Scroller Shooter Kit - changing character tutorial
At this rate I don’t go well.
I don’t also go to RITAGETTO well.
Is it possible by an animation to tell me because English is be inconvenient?

I’ve seen you wrote on marketplace page, so I will copy an answer:
If your skeleton has different bone structure then default manequin, you need to retarget anim blueprint (ABP_Mannequin for player and ABP_Mannequin_AI for AI) for your skeleton. Then you need to switch references in blueprints from ABP_Mannequin/ABP_Mannequin_AI to your newly created animation blueprints.

Update to 4.17 when? Also can’t get DENT to work with it. Any chance you get it to work?

For such a action game with climbing, ladders and similar physical stuff, I miss falling damage for the player character. Therefore I added a simple fall damage system to it. Here it is, so you can implement it also if you like (see pic enclosed).
Add those to youre BP_TPPCharacter Actor in Event Graph.
You can fiddle around with the values to match youre game project, and after youre done, you can remove the print string node that helps you getting a feel for the z-velocity vector value on landing.
Regarding the values: 1250 is the z-velocity value under which no damage is happening at all.
Above that damage is applied: the first 1000 don’t “hurt”, but everything above it is divided by 35 (can adjust here) and subtracted from the player’s health variable.

At the end the “player get damage event” is primarily for shooting damage, but works also for falling damage technically.
Also i think the second branch for health <0 could be left out, but it does no damage to the damage system :slight_smile:

You need to add apply radial damage and aplly point damage in BP_BulletTrace and in every bullet BP that you want to this feature compatible with.

Here’s a screen shot and video…let_damage.jpg

About 4.17 update - I’ve send files more then 2 weeks ago and had no response from Epic yet.

Thank you for sharing info about that! :slight_smile:

Marcin, it worked thanks a lot. I also removed the project from my Google drive. Would you put this code in 4.17?

Glad to see you got it working, well done