Third Person Shooter Kit - Cover system, Human AI, Paragon characters, QTE & new stuff is coming!

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Third Person Shooter Kit serves as a base for third person camera game. It’s a 100% blueprint project, with detailed features level and notes inside blueprints. It contains advanced mechanics like cover system and robust AI.

Marketplace link:…on-shooter-kit

Discord channel -

Latest updates:

May 2019 update walkthrough video:

Mixamo character integration tutorial:

2019 Features Roadmap

This year I plan to extend Third Person Shooter Kit. I have big ambtion plan, but I don’t know how much of this I will achieve.
My goal is to make it AAA quality with ready to use advanced systems that you see in current games, like Tomb Raider, Division, Batman or Metal Gear Solid.

These are things I would like to work on and know how to do it. That list is in random order, so some feature/new assets can be sooner then later. Although I’m happy to hear your feedback about list priority!

Third Person Shooter Kit - additional features:

    • New stelth kill animations
    • New camera system - each camera state can be setup in one assets data instead of in player character BP
    • AI strangle and aiming feature
    • New roll animation
    • New climbing ladder animations
    • Different player death anim - now it’s just animation, I want to change to ragdoll and grey post process
    • Checkpoint system where AI and objects actually respawns
    • AI spawner system
    • New example player/AI meshes and demo level - taken from Epic examples which are free
    • Stealth mechanics - AI can found body and AI and go to standby state
    • Contextual jumping and climbing - run and jump from rail to hang and climb up
    • Rail hanging and shimmy movememnt with stamina bar - similar like in MGS 2
    • Animation quality pass - better animations for cover system, melee attacks and locomotion starts/stops
    • Audio quality pass - music and SFX replacement
    • Weapon system refactor - weapons as seperate blueprints so new weapons can be added easly
    • Weapon slots - main weapon 1 and 2 plus side arm, proper equping with animation, now it just appears
    • Contextual climbing - like in Division, without jumping which exists now
    • New AI archetypes using free Paragon assets (models, FX and anims)
    • Interactive objects - animations, logic and model - pulling lever etc.
    • Cover system - curved covers including 90 degrees change covers, simple cover to cover mechanic (side to side only)
    • Stealth mechanics - HUD - info on player’s HUD about AI state - alarmed, patroling, searching
    • Generic item pick up like ammo - similar like in latest Tomb Raider
    • Item boxes opened with genreic animation, like kicking or squat and pick up
    • AI - running into cover and shooting at the same time

Changing character mesh to Paragon (or any other) character tutorial:

Features level with Wraith from Paragon:

Paragon character as an enemy AI

Paragon character as player, strafing and turning


Demo level video

Unofficial documentation:…it?usp=sharing

Major features:
• cover system
• human AI
• quick time events system ( single input, hold button, press buttons in order in limited time, press buttons quickly number of times in limited time)
• ladder and ledge climbing
• stealth kill
• melee attacks for player and AI
• close up and normal aiming
• pathnode animation system for AI
• UI (health, ammo, type of weapon)
• main menu - (select level, persistent options, quit)
• example campaign framework

Other features:
• Running
• Crouching
• Sprinting
• Jumping
• Slide
• Vault for player and AI
• Side kick attack for player and AI
• Crouching walk
• Rolling (during close up aiming and normal aiming)

Gameplay and others:

  • Orienting character’s upper body based on mouse position
  • Shooting (while idle, running, jumping and crouching)
  • Guns - assault rifle, pistol, shotgun, silenced pistol
  • Weapons change
  • Weapons reload (for player and AI)
  • Weapons infinite ammo feature
  • Gun recoil
  • Cover system - blind shooting
  • Decals on bullet hit points
  • Turret enemy
  • Covering system for AI
  • AI look for player after lost sight
  • Objects reacting to certain type of weapon
  • Demo level
  • Features level
  • Enemy component
  • HUD hit indicator
  • Deadly obstacles
  • Simple checkpoint system
  • Launchpad
  • Pickable items - (health, ammo)
  • Elevator
  • Pathnode animation system for human AI
  • Gamepad support for gameplay
  • Save game framework
  • Pause menu
  • Laser sight
  • Camera system - camera moving smoothly to destination when player enters trigger
  • Flying bot enemy
  • Flying pulsing plasma enemy
  • Spawn drop component
  • Loot objects
  • Player movement make noise which can alarm enemies - can be applied for run, sprint, jump land and crouch walk - each can have diffrent noise range
  • Exploding barrel
  • Button panel with IK targeting
  • Physical material which make noise and alert enemies
  • Enemies are able to alarm each other
  • Destroyable cover points and vault for AI
  • Shield for enemies with autoregenerated health
  • Surveillance camera
  • Dissolve material function
  • Dynamic input change
  • Enemies presets
  • HUD notification

Feel free to ask questions.

Other videos

Features level video

Example campaign video

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03 small.jpg

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Saved for updates

26 January 2017

  • submitted to Epic
  • added new gameplay video

2 February 2017

  • submitted files to Epic
  • added new gameplay video

3 February 2017

  • Epic accepted my pack - release date is set to February 8th

8 February 2017

Great Job! Can’t wait to see this on the marketplace :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile: I hope it will be released next month.

Where is the “Buy now!” button!!!1 :open_mouth:

Hi hamsterPL, nice kit.

Can covering be done anywhere like skeletal meshes or is it only bound to an actor for static meshes?

I would also like to see kill sequences as DOOM from the tps perspective. Are such feautre planned as update?

Now if this was Multiplayer would be Perfect

1 You can have cover anywhere you want. It’s a blueprint actor which you place on the level and you can adjust it size and so on as you like.

2 You mean somthing like finishers? I have only stealth kill for now. I don’t have any finishers animations for now, so I’m not planning that feature.

Unfortunately I didn’t set it up for multiplayer, but I think it can be done with no big effort. Look at this tutorial series from Epic -

Today I’ve submitted kit to Epic and released new video from demo level

Looks cool. I’ll have to check this out.

YES! Really looking forward to this and taking my project to an environment I’m more familiar with. :slight_smile:


That’s great! Your project is good example how quickly you can make something playable and good looking using my kit.

How Long till its on the store? this kit sounds awesome and i’d like to buy it.

I’ve just submitted files to Epic, so I’m guessing it will be out in a month.

Here’s new video from example campaign levels:

Epic has accepted my pack and kit will be released marketplace on February 8th! :slight_smile:

Awesome news! Can’t wait. :]

@FastGamerr @pharrowboy @MeshMagnet @theevil128 @McRangerRare @Sen3D @Mickey512 @odi

Third Person Shooter Kit is finally out on Unreal Marketplace! :smiley:

Here’s new trailer

This looks epic! Nice work.

Excellent! Here’s hoping I’ll get some free time soon to really get into editing with this one. Thanks again!. :]

Very good. The only thing on the market that’s a complete mini game. I would recommend this to a beginner only if they want an example project on what can be done. What would be great would be some kind of tutorials or breakdowns on how everything is done. Just implementing sections of the menu map would take someone with above intermediate knowledge. That could be a series of tutorials in itself. Not to mention dozens of gameplay mechanics and extras that are in this pack. Simple things like changing weapons takes more than just providing a new mesh.
Personally I’m finding a lot of “I didn’t know you could do that” and “How did he do that”.

Don’t get me wrong. This is about one of the best things on the market right now and has stuff you can’t find. (well worth at least twice the price) But, for someone who is at a point where they have maps already designed but doesn’t know how to take it to the “next level”, using this as a template could be confusing.
Something similar to the tutorial series for the Generic Shooter would be perfect.