Third Person Shooter Kit - Cover system, Human AI, Paragon characters, QTE & new stuff is coming!

Awesome!! I’ll buy it as soon as I can!! This is exactly what I need! :slight_smile:

Tutorials/Documentation would be awesome, but with 4.15 on the horizon, I might be more concerned getting the latest features there.

Bug !!!


Thank you! :slight_smile:

Thank you! There is couple tutorials and documentation from Side Scroller Shooter Kit which should be applicalble for TPS kit.

Are you playing in editor viewport? It looks like your viewport has non standard resolution. Try to lauch with new window or enlarde viewport with F11 key.

I was curious if you could point me into how the checkpoints work. I would like to save some custom data in there. having a bit of a time finding where to do that. Thank You in advance.

Are you playing in editor viewport? It looks like your viewport has non standard resolution. Try to lauch with new window or enlarde viewport with F11 key.

Switching to another screen mode does not help. The scope also does not coincide

Hi, i´m new in the Animation segment. Can you please help me fixing two things?

  1. I want a different Idle Animation while not aiming. The Character should only aim while i right klick. Changing the Idle animation in BS_Running and BS_1D_IdleRun did not change anything. Your animation BP is too complex for me to find the correct animation path.

  2. My Character is a human being and Humans normally cant spin their back like an owl ^^ Can i limitate the rotation of the spine so it looks more natural?

    Thanks for help

Can you attach a screenshot or video how it works when you play with new editor window? I will Look at this issue today.


I’ve looked at this today. Looks like it occurs when viewport has not 16:9 resolution. I will send update today that patch that - I will add crosshair viewport which always be at the center of screen, even if resolution will change during runtime.

Here’s video showing that it works fine in PIE new window and PIE in viewport with fullscreen mode.

It very much depends what you want to save on checkpoint. How I would do it - add an editable array variable of actors. In checkpoint actor, choose which actors actors you want to save by adding them to the array. I recommend using picker for that. On resapwn get glass and transform of each actor from array, destroy current actors and spawn new ones with proper class and transform (which you stored earlier).

Thank you, so much so all is well

Sadly, I spent most of my weekend trying to import an expensive player character model into UE4 and utterly failing at that. :\ In any case, I’ve managed to modify the default set-up just a little bit (mainly by changing the player and pistol models):

I tried changing the rifle and shotgun models as well, but for some reason for 25% of the time they worked properly and for most of the time something buggy was going on (as if the bullet projectiles were getting stuck inside the model or something), even though i did add the proper MuzzleFlash and LaserSight sockets into the skeletal meshes and even adjusted the locations of the muzzle flashes in the player template.

Also, I tried changing the enemy characters to the Matinee demo’s Trooper model (as with the player character), which had worked in the Side Scroller Template as well, but for some reason the enemies stopped shooting at the player (aiming, yes, but not shooting) and the editor message log got full of messages. Currently I’ve restored the rifle and shotgun to the default ones and changed the enemy model back to the mannequin, but I’m going to want to take a shot at replacing them (or at least the enemy model) again later… I’ll try to post step-by-step reports of these bugs when I can.

It looks pretty good on video. Hard to say what’s wrong. Problably something simple is missing. Can you send me these logs? On e-mail or via PM.

I haven’t replicated the exact problem yet, but I noticed that something always tends to happen if I change the visibility/texturing of the AI character’s eye meshes (turning their Visible/Cast Shadow values into False or changing the texture to Invisible). In fact, I tried to replicate the problem by changing those visibility stats when UE4 crashed.

But now I managed to change the AI model to Trooper, and they act like they should (but the blue eye meshes are visible).

I might have an idea what happens. Manequin material and all additional meshes materials have dissolve effect, which is triggered when AI dies and gets damage. One tip is to set “Damage indicated with dissolve effect” to false.
I just notice another thing - in Dissolve Materials graph there are unassigned pins. I had this problem before in side scrolled and fixed it, but it occurs again. It caused by engine bug: “4.13.1: Fixed! UE-35585 Migration from 4.12.5 to 4.13 can result in Blueprint functions losing input/ouput variables”
I’m fixing it now and send patch.

Thanks so much for the help! I disabled the “Damage indicated with dissolve effect” boxes, and now the eye meshes are gone and I could play through the demo level without any oddities or extra lag. But yeah, compiling the Player and AI blueprints does come up with a lot of errors concerning unassigned pins.

I’m glad I could help. Although I don’t have any errors on compile. Can you send them over? And more importantly, do they occur on clean project so I can reproduce that?

Sadly, I don’t have a clean project anymore (haven’t tested on one, either), but this occurs after changing the player/AI meshes and the other stuff I’ve mentioned above (pistol being the only changed weapon, that is). The errors are like

Info The execution path doesn't end with a return node.  then

Info The execution path doesn't end with a return node.  else

… and they appear all over the blueprint. There’s way too many of them for me to specifically list at the moment, though :\

But the blueprint compiles without any other errors, so there’s that green OK sign on top of the “Compile” button.

These are not errors. It’s just as is said “Info” when function don’t has return node connected. Functions don’t have to have them, also in some functions it’s intended, for example when using for loops.

Alrighty, good to know!

I’m probably gonna post more reports next weekend, but one issue that I’ve noticed is that sometimes when you press 1 for the pause menu, and then restart the level or load from a checkpoint, all sounds or just select sounds like music/ambient sounds/weapon sounds etc. tend to disappear. Sometimes they reappear in the next level (or after loading the checkpoint), sometimes they don’t.

I’m pretty sure it’s this engine bug - Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-39650)
As that report says, target fix is 4.15

Few people asked me how to make a unarmed state. Here’s basic setup

I also fixed crosshair issue when viewport had non 16:9 resolution. It will be in patch 1 which I’ve send to Epic today.