Third Person Shooter Kit - Cover system, Human AI, Paragon characters, QTE & new stuff is coming!

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Well to do it like in Metal Gear Solid it is complete new feature which can take some time to create. But I’ve seen someone made it and shared a repository. Check this out

oh no I mead just the pick up weapons not the hole features just some weapons on the floor when you press E player gonna pick it up and he will have a new weapon

I see. Well I think you can look how elevator is done. There is a button blueprint, which reacts to input. It’s a good start. You can scrap animation from it, and do whatever logic you want on “E” input.

How do I update my project with your kit to 4.16?

Open your project in 4.16 and choose option to open a copy - this will convert your project to 4.16 version.
Go to vault tab in launcher. Download update for Third Person Shooter Kit (you have to have 4.16 installed). From this update copy files BP_Blueprint_Functions and WB_Fullscreen_Setting_widget to your project for 4.16 version.

I’ve noticed AI bots makes the game very slow in the demo level. Anybody knows how to fix this? I’m getting under extreme low fps like 5-10 fps during combat if I add like 5-10 bots to a scene, stutters a lot and then comes back to 50-60 fps when it’s over. It’s unplayable like this.

Hard to say what’s the problem. No one reported it before. Editor it self could slow game down. Is it occuring on package build or/and as you play not from editor?

is there some way to adjust the maximum turning angle of the spine?. For human characters it looks a bit exaggerated

Yes, you can clamp angle of pitch and yaw in player character blueprint. Check screens below.


that´s work perfect, thank you very much

Is there anyway to change it from 3rd person to first person I mean not just putting the camera on the players head, I mean making either the zooming system and damaging the enemy and the enemy damaging you

Great looking kit just about to pick it up. Justbwondering how this would implement with player build systems.

As for damaging enemy and player, it should work regardles of camera. Actually there is a zooming/aiming already, so you can change target camera helper location, and use it as a zoom in FPS mode.

You mean like RPG system? Should work fine as a seperate feature since it will be stats based.

I’ve made a tutorial how to add unarmed state, hiding weapon and weapon pick up feature

thank you, great tutorial and kit!

can you reccomend any quest system for your kit? i want to make something like semi-open world, like Batman: Arkham Asylum or Ghost recon wildlands.

Not really. I didn’t bought anything like that so I can’t recommend it.

its ok. i have tested Quest and Dialogue System by Svyatoslav Kokurin and its works great.

system need some tweaks - save game before taking quest, but other features works good.

Is there a way i can reduce the height the player character jumps? i have had a look but cant find any jump force variable to tweak

I’ve made a tutorial how to integrate my kit with Character Interaction kit

Jump Z velocity in character