Third Person Camera in Rolling Template

was just wondering if anyone knew how I could set up a third person camera in the rolling template, I found an older thread about it but half of the explanation is in a photo that no longer exists. any help would be great !

The rolling template already has a 3rd person camera. So what is the feature of the camera you’re after?

Id categorize its camera as more of a top down type camera, I want to be able to rotate it, and have the ball roll forward in relation to the camera.

its easy enough to get the camera control inplace, but adding torque in the right direction is where Im having trouble

It could be as simple as this:

But may need to be adjusted depending on what else is needed:

but adding torque in the right direction is where Im having trouble

You, kind of, solved it yourself - the Right Vector is key when working with torque.

I guess I mispoke. I dont mean “the right direction” as in “the right vector”

I mean I want to push forward on the thumbstick, and move forward, no matter which way the camera is facing, just like when you’re using the third person template.

I don’t get it. That’s how it works by default…

Pushing thumbstick UP.

If thumbstick’s UP should move you in the direction where the camera is facing - that’s my previous post.

Other that that, consider drawing a diagram of what is needed. Or rephrase.

I really dont know how I can rephrase it.

when I say “I want to move forward when pushing up on the thumbstick”

I mean I want to move forward in relation to where the camera is facing, meaning what “forward” is changes depending on where the camera is pointing

like when you start up the third person template, you push forward and move forward, and then you rotate the camera in any direction, pushing forward still moves you forward in relation to where the camera is pointing.

I feel like you’re trolling me ? I really do not know how else to explain what a third person camera is.

My very first answer - the script with Get Right Vector - demonstrates precisely that. Do give it a try.

The ball has momentum, both angular and linear. The player’s controls must overcome it. The pawn is physics based. It’s drifting and spinning because of the low-ish default friction. Perhaps you want it adjusted.

Pushing forward only:

The ball starts rolling in the direction the camera is facing.

you were right, the first answer was right I just didnt check the “accel change” option

now, this works for moving forwards and backwards, how do I make it work for left and right ?

is it not possible ?


edit: forgot about normalisation after projection, updated the image.