The UE4 Project Cemetary

[FONT=times new roman]Here lies all of my Dead Projects that have I’ve abandoned, terminated, cancelled. You are welcomed to bury your Dead Projects here so that others may pay their respects.

[FONT=comic sans ms]**

The World of Misfit Toys (formerly Realm of the Unused Video Game Props) is a unique RPG with a simple premise: incorporate Swords, Dungeons, Dragons, and Tacos with all of the assets purchased from the Marketplace in to interactive adventure. In a nutshell, put all the assets into a game that makes sense and have fun playing it!

The World of Misfit Toys draws inspiration from Little Big Planet, Couch Knights, Zelda, Final Fantasy, The Mean Greens, Robot Chicken, Armored Core, Dark Souls, Left 4 Dead, and a slew of other games. **[SIZE=2]WMT is the re-imagining of LoY, operating as the Game Layer for TheGameDevStore.VR.
Game Play:

Players venture on an Epic Quest to save The World of Misfit Toys from the Bloxelizer, an Evil Wizard who threatens to turn the world into Dead Voxels. The game has one survival mechanic in which Players must make and eat Tacos to replenish energy, but dependent on ingredients, can gain power ups.

Note2Self: Slapping EyeManga3D on to non-humanoid entities will make for interesting characters. All I need is a good Story to tie it all together in a cohesive presentation.

**RPG Features:

  • [FONT=comic sans ms]Co-op, PvE, PvP Multiplayer

  • [FONT=comic sans ms]In-Game Campaign Builder/Multi Dungeon Master Support

  • [FONT=comic sans ms]Level Building w/ Procedural Dungeon Generators

  • [FONT=comic sans ms]Monster Spawns

  • [FONT=&amp]Spawnable Puzzles/Traps

  • [FONT=&amp]NPC Possession

  • [FONT=book antiqua]Dragons (I like Dragons)

  • [FONT=&amp]Player Character Customizer

  • [FONT=&amp]Player Melee Weapon Customizer

  • [FONT=&amp]Combat System with Melee, Guns, & Magic (Area Effect)

  • [FONT=comic sans ms]Active Defense System

  • [FONT=comic sans ms]Many different AI Behaviors

  • [FONT=comic sans ms]RPG Character Sheet: Name your own Skills & Skills

  • [FONT=&amp]Perspective Toggle: Top-Down/ThirdPerson/FirstPerson

[FONT=comic sans ms]
What WMT Needs:

More Ideas. Feel free to post them in this thread.
Lots of Writers to create Lore, Story, Quest Dialog.

PM Meor Skype: techlord_on_skype.

Project Joyland Open-World Survival Horror (08/2015)


[FONT=&amp]Project [SUP][SUB]

[FONT=&amp]Project JOYLAND, A Open World Survivor Clown Horror

Plot: The Player’s Character is a ‘Person’ put into a induced coma (reason to be determined), and their conscious-*being *is trapped inside a never-ending nightmare. Childhood Coulrophobia manifests itself into various types of blood thirsty evil clowns, hellbent on consuming their soul. The player must survive until… Doctors in the real-world find a cure.

Game Play: Fast-paced FPS Action. Figure out where the Evil Clowns are coming from in the world and close the “portals”. [FONT=&amp]Different clowns have different Intelligence levels and certain abilities. [FONT=&amp]Find items to outfit [FONT=&amp]weapon with accessories that do unexpected ‘zany’ things.[FONT=&amp] Jump Scares - manage multiple fear factors/phobias, avoid being scared to death. Opened to suggestions.

Level Design: A [FONT=&amp]open world abandoned theme park. [FONT=&amp]A nightmarish environment that’s weird and illogical, filled with a creepy theme park attractions mixed in with post apocalyptic abandon buildings and forests.[FONT=&amp] Opened to suggestions.

Start Up:[FONT=&amp]UnrealEngine 4.8 (I personally use the compiled version)
Source Control Perforce Visual Client / Login Settings]. Built-in UE4. User Guide’s: Brief, Detailed
Skype:techlord_on_skype or PM - Account Access & Instant Messaging - Screen Sharing

New Shinny Thing Syndrome…

Honestly, how far did you get with any of these…
Are you addicted to starting new projects @TechLord? :slight_smile:

I find the more I learn the less likely I am to abandoned a project. In my early days as a developer my project ideas didn’t make it too far because I didn’t know how to get from point A to point B. However for the past year I have been able to stick to one project without giving up because I know how to reach my goals. The moment you stop learning is the moment you are dead in the water.

Hi franktech. I’m addicted to starting Team projects, but want to try to do everything myself. Needless to say that strategy has not worked. Progress has been ‘blocky’. I develop modular subsystems and move these subsystems from the previous project into the next. My descent into madness begin when I initially migrated from UDK to UE4 with the intention of developing my Dream Game: Dragon’$ Gold (D$G). I pondered over a solution to create 3D models with no Art Dept, using my own novice Blender Skills. I had the notion that I could construct complex monsters by attaching smaller simpler pieces together (similar to simpler compounds forming complex organic matter). The notion became a clear vision when I discovered UE4’s Instanced Static Mesh. I dubbed the process Collage Construction. During experiments with collage construction, UMG was released, and I begin developing a GUI for more control during Collage Construction editing process. This would become the Editing Application: GOLEMCraft. I immediately began to seek out other uses for Collage Construction for all sorts of entities such as Weapons/Armor. With a slightly different GUI Frontend, I could create many different in-game Editing Apps like GLAIVERave and Glamour. I realized that I needed a way for the Editing Apps to save/load the data files to/from the local machine. I desired a subsystem with visual interface to organize and manage numerous UE4 Slot files. This would lead me into the development of SLOT I/OS. In the middle of working with SLOT I/OS, I took a break to Blueprint a Labyrinth Generator for D$G and started developing my own scripting engine in Blueprints. I started purchasing assets from the marketplace. I had anticipated that like most Game Dev Marketplaces, that Epic’s TOS would not support dependencies for Add-on packs, thus no mass-customization options for store-bought assets. The lack of response to this Post inspired me to create my own online marketplace to support such dependencies. I desired my new eStore to open, showcasing at least one of my own creations: EyeManga3D. I missed working on Game’s Development and realized that I could once again consolidate my efforts into a Game Layer built on top of an Asset Store: TheGameDevStore.VR was born. With TheGameDevStore.VR being a sort of 3D Mall, I dabbled into some Arch Viz with a minimalist design concept, I dubbed Ortho. I was pretty much laughed out the Arch Viz Threads, so I refocused my attention on The Game Layer of TheGameDevStore. Seeking a good story for a Game a using mismatched game assets was the premise behind The World of Misfits Toys. Developing Multi-user In-game Editor Applications are what I seem to enjoy doing in UE4. Just have to put them all in single game.

I concur. The Blueprints knowledge gained over years in these projects keeps me from feeling like a complete loser.

Wow that was a scary looking paragraph gasp for breath. :slight_smile:

Were you also working on an AI Node tree in UDK once?
Anyway, two words come to mind… Diverse Experience.
On the right projects your energy could be invaluable etc.
Just as long and you can keep focused for long enough…

I take forever to get a game going, too over-ambitious.
Not sure if that’s the same situation here, don’t think so.
But then once I commit I tend to go non-stop iterating.
However, some weeks are horrific and others magical…
But that’s game dev! How long are you at this 10 years?

B.R.A.I.N.S. I appreciate UE4 incorporating a Behavior Trees AI, just yearn for a simpler Blueprints Node implementation. I’ve been developing at games for over 15+ years. You could find some of my earlier stuff in the Blitz3D Forums. I suffer from Feature Creep which is worse, resulting in both over ambitiousness and lack of focus. I’m finally reaching a point where I can focus, but, feature creep is still an issue.

TechLord, what is Feature Creep? Just curious. You know what drives me really crazy, is when you finally get a solid evening to get some design work done (best time of the week!); and you just end up sitting there for an hour because you can’t get any momentum with your designs. Time wasted. I guess like franTech said, some weeks are magical and others not so magical…

Feature Creep is the ongoing expansion or addition of new features. But, for me its more like Creature Feep, because the new additions tend to be grand scale adding more dev time. For example, EyeManga3D initially started as a simple Eye Material…

Then I added:
2D Animation Support using Flipbook Animation

2D Mouth - Modular with Flipbook Animation Support.

3D Eyeball Support w/ Masking

Fully Customizable PBR Materials. Create unimaginable Eye Designs mixing Anime with Photo-realism.

GUI Front-end: (In-game) UMG Editor (‘Decoupled Logic’, All Logic located in separate BP Actor)

Made the Textures Modular to Swap Eye/Brow/Lash/Mouth Parts

Look Alive Compatibility.

Now I’m adding -Multiplayer support.

The original submission date to Unreal Marketplace was months ago and I’ve been delaying the grand opening of my own store.

[FONT=courier new]Project Title:

Dead 4 Life


Dead 4 Life - A Spiritual Sequel to the Left 4 Dead 3 We’ll Never See. A cooperative first-person shooter, survival horror set in the days after a freakish worldwide electrical storm results in reanimation of animal and human body parts, forming into Flesh-golem Monsters. Supercharged with electrical energy, the monsters nicknamed ‘frankies’, descend rapidly on the city shredding all living things in their path, whom in turn assemble into new frankies.

The game follows the adventures of a group of survivors attempting to reach safe houses and military rescue while fending off the attacking monsters.


  1. [FONT=courier new]Core Gameplay found in L4D
  2. [FONT=courier new]Character Customization
  3. [FONT=courier new]Environmental Destruction
  4. [FONT=courier new]Monster Destruction/Gore
  5. [FONT=courier new]Super Monsters
  6. [FONT=courier new]Modern and Sci-fi Weapons

[FONT=courier new]Art Style:

Mix: Photo-realism, Low-poly, PBR Stylized.

Team Name:

Headless Dreamers

Team Structure**:**

Techlord - Development Sponsor, will provide Assets for development.

Talent Required:

The goal of the project is rapid design and implementation using readily available assets. Working with existing Assets is required.

  • [FONT=courier new]Blueprints Multiplayer Gameplay Scripter - skilled in reverse engineering and creating glue code between systems.
  • [FONT=courier new]Blueprints UI Scripter - knowledgeable with UMG animation system.
  • [FONT=courier new]Blueprints Animation System Expert - Understands all aspects of AnimBP and Animation Assets (Blendspaces, Montages, etc)
  • [FONT=courier new]Niagara Particle Systems Programmer.
  • [FONT=courier new]Advanced UE4 Material Artist - No Substance materials used.
  • [FONT=courier new]Blender 3D Modeler - whom understands a Kitbashing workflow, familiar with Rigs, and has the ability to Retopo/Dissect existing skeletal meshes.
  • [FONT=courier new]Level ‘Layout’ Designer - whom can Layout and Block Levels. Procedural Generation will be used to populate Blockouts with Architecture and Foliage.

[FONT=courier new]Website:


Dragon’$ Gold:A Sci-Fantasy Co-Op, FPS Action RPG, Roguelike Dungeon Crawl, Treasure Hunt for Cash!

[TABLE=“border: 0”]

		[TABLE="border: 0"]



[FONT=century gothic]Description [FONT=century gothic]Dragon’$ Gold is a simple game of Mazes and Monsters, but, could be more elaborately described as A Fantasy-themed Co-Op, First-Person Action Role Playing, Roguelike Dungeon Crawl, Hack n Slash Treasure Hunt for CA$H. A Massive Labyrinth in which Heroes battle Monsters on a Quest to be the First to seize the Dragon’s Gold, a Virtual Treasure with a Real-World Ca$h Value!

		Heroes dispatch monsters with a combination of Melee (short range), Projectile Weapon (Moderate/Long range), and Magic (Area effect). Encounter a wide assortment of Monsters types from Titans to Hordes, each with their own behavior, movement patterns, and combat tactics utilizing multiple offense and defense strategies. 

[FONT=century gothic][SIZE=12px][SIZE=12px]Combat uses a ternary equal-opposite relationship (aka Roshambo) between Elements (etc: Fire/Ice/Metal) to determine Attack/Guard effect for both Hero and Monster. [/SIZE]Heroes must rely on strategy, memory, and each other to navigate the maze, solve puzzles, and defeat traps.

		Beat up Monsters, Grab Loot, Survive, Level Up, Unlock more powerful Weapons - Attacks - Guards - Skills - Spells - [/SIZE][FONT=century gothic]Achievements....Seize the Dragon's Gold To Win the Cash!

[FONT=century gothic][SIZE=20px]Features[/SIZE]

  • [FONT=century gothic]Cash-Driven Skill-based Monetization Models

  • [FONT=century gothic]‘Competitive Questing’

  • [FONT=century gothic]Several Traditional PvP/PvE Cash-Driven Tournaments Game Modes: CTF, Micro-MOBA, DeathMatch, Maze Race, Others

  • [FONT=century gothic]Item Mall Cosmetic Enhancements

  • [FONT=century gothic]Procedural Generated Mazes

  • [FONT=century gothic]Collage Construction 3D ‘Art Style’

  • [FONT=century gothic]Dynamic Dismemberment

  • [FONT=century gothic]Extreme Player Customization Options for Function and Appearance.

  • [FONT=century gothic]Three (3) Party Cooperative

  • [FONT=century gothic]Fast-paced Action Combat

  • [FONT=century gothic]Sophisticated Enemy AI

  • [FONT=century gothic]VR Support, Stereoscopic Modes

  • [FONT=century gothic]Distinct Styles and Input support for First-Person Melee Combat, Magic Casting, Dual Firearm

  • [FONT=century gothic][COLOR=#8b4513][FONT=century gothic][SIZE=12px]Targeted for PC Platform[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[FONT=century gothic][COLOR=#8b4513][FONT=century gothic][SIZE=20px]Design Overview[/SIZE][/COLOR] [INDENT][FONT=century gothic][FONT=century gothic][SIZE=12px][COLOR=#8b4513]Dragon’$ Gold embraces modular design at several layers of development. Comprised of a game-play core and several editing app modules]( that can operate as standalone Apps. Editing Apps are scripted entirely in Blueprints providing a in-game UMGUI Frontend/Backend.

		All high level 3D Entities Categories: Character & Monster Head/Body, Character Armor, Monsters, Melee & Fire Weapons, Crafts/Vehicles, Props/Furniture, Architecture, Structures, and Hybrids are modular to support manual customization, semi-automatic assembly, and procedural generation at run-time.

		On the Backend, Game Devs can collaboratively prefabricate Entities for Treasure Hunts/Tournaments. On the Front end, Players can collaboratively customize Character, Armor, Melee & Fire Weapons.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[FONT=century gothic][COLOR=#8b4513][FONT=century gothic][SIZE=20px]Team[/SIZE][/COLOR] [FONT=century gothic]TEAM DRAGON

[FONT=century gothic][COLOR=#8b4513][FONT=century gothic][SIZE=20px]About Me[/SIZE][/COLOR] [FONT=century gothic]Frankie ‘TechLord’ Taylor

[INDENT=2][FONT=century gothic]Responsibilities: Principal Game Design Engineer, Project Admin Support, UE4 Programming/Blueprints Scripting, UE4-Web Interface Programming, Programmer’s Art (Blender), Programmer Audio Production (FLStudio), Online Product Marketing/Distribution.

Previous Work: Online Portalfolio, 1yr experience UE4 UnrealEd & Blueprints.[/INDENT]

[INDENT=2][FONT=century gothic]Additional Info:[/INDENT]

[INDENT=3][FONT=century gothic]Online only
Cannot travel
Hours of Availability: 0600-0800 GMT M-F, Flex on Weekends
Can only speak English, will Google Translate[/INDENT]

[FONT=century gothic][SIZE=20px]Want to help? Need…[/SIZE] [FONT=century gothic]Experienced UE4 3D Artist

[INDENT=2][FONT=century gothic]Knowledge of UnrealEngine 4 Material System. Skilled in the use of Blender3D, skills in other 3D Applications a plus. Skills in both Organic and Hard Surface Modelling. Can adopt to a Modular workflow authoring base meshes and compatible interchangeable parts/pieces (attached to base meshes). Can work with pre-existing 3D Mesh Texture Material Assets. Can work with Morph-target. [/INDENT]

[FONT=century gothic]Experienced UE4 3D Animator

[INDENT=2][FONT=century gothic]Knowledge of UnrealEngine 4 Persona & Matinee Editor, Animation Blueprints, and SkelControls for procedural driven IK. Can adopt to a modular workflow and work with Motion Captured data. Skilled in both real and exaggerated Bi-ped and Multi-ped Creature Animations. Skilled in facial animations and morph-target based animation. Monsters may possess one or more Attacks: Wall Climb, Aerial Attack, Guards/Cover, Taunts, Deaths. Facial Animation: Jaw movement for Roars and Bites desired. Eye Rotation will be applied procedural.

		Note: All Animations must extend on the default UE4 4.8 Humanoid Character Rig. All Monsters are essentially Were-beast, humanoid (biped) or partial-humanoid(multi-ped). Examples:Minotaur, Harpies, Centaurs, Werewolves, Medusi (serpent body), Were Spider-men, Others. See [Humanoid Rig Chart]([/INDENT]

[FONT=century gothic]Blueprints Scripting Guru

[INDENT=2][FONT=century gothic]To assist me directly with scripting, reducing development time for on-the-fly Research and Development for Game-play Core and Editing App Module functionality and feature implementation, performance optimizations and profiling.[/INDENT]

[FONT=century gothic]UMG UI Designer/Artist

[FONT=century gothic]To assist with improving the Flashiness of the Frontend/Backend Menu Layout, User-Friendliness, Aesthetics and Animation.

[FONT=century gothic][SIZE=20px]Tools[/SIZE] [FONT=century gothic]UnrealEngine 4 (I personally use the compiled version)
Perforce Helix P4V: Visual Client - Source Control Login Settings]. Built-in UE4. User Guide’s: Brief, Detailed
TeamViewer - Online Meetings
[FONT=century gothic]Skype[FONT=century gothic]- Instant Messaging / Screen Sharing
[FONT=century gothic]Dev on Discord Discord Server[FONT=century gothic] - Instant Messaging
[FONT=century gothic]Trello[FONT=century gothic] - Planner

[FONT=century gothic]Website [FONT=century gothic]

[FONT=century gothic]Contact [FONT=century gothic]PM Me Title: TEAM DRAGON
Skype: techlord_on_skype (rarely used. see Discord info)
Project uses Perforce Source Control


		**Optional Reading Column**

		The re-imaginary spiritual successor to two games that never existed: [Gauntlet FPS]( and [Maze War 2016](*.