the light passes through the walls

Hi, I have a problem with the lights. I made a little piece on Blender that I imported into Unreal Engine. However, the outside light passes through at the junction of the ceiling and the walls. I checked the orientation of the faces and my piece is completely closed. This problem happens to me regularly and I can’t figure out why. Does anyone have an explanation ? thanks in advance

hi @Nath_Visual

Are the walls and ceiling (and other objects) separate meshes?

If so try adding and extra offset so they overlap a little rather than exact size to fit hole as it were.

If they are a complete mesh and the vertices are shared between roof and walls etc. then there’s definitely something weird going on if it is enclosed properly. Beyond my expertise as a Blender initiate! (I use lightwave 3d personally).

Hope that helps!

the walls and the ceiling are separate objects. and I have already added extra offset.

Make sure the walls are at least 20cm thick, check the lumen debug views under lit.

I found what was wrong. I made my piece in a pawn blueprint because I need to duplicate my piece 4 times identically. Obviously, Lumen doesn’t like pawn blueprints. When I assemble my part directly in my scene there is no longer this problem. I’ll have to find another way to instantiate my part.

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