The best stylized filter I've ever implemented!

By adding a time dithering feature to the Kuwahara filter, I’ve achieved a nice stylized effect.
So far there are still some minor problems, but I think the idea of adding time dithering to the filter has a lot of potentials.

Gorgeous, I didn’t think this was possible!

Any chance you could offer some insight into how you achieved this?

Looks fantastic. Great work!

I was under the impression this would break as soon as you started panning the camera. Boy, was I wrong.

Great work!

Are you putting this onto the marketplace or releasing it otherwise? Would definitely buy it.

Can you post a screenshot of how it looks with a low-poly stylized scene, e.g. one of these: Content by Synty+Studios - UE Marketplace

Wow, now THIS is a stylized effect, that truly deserves this description :slight_smile: it looks fantastic, and unlike many other effects, really stylized. How exactly did you achive this?

Really nice.
Can we see some with/without screenshots?

Update: I’ve achieved a sharper version by introducing screen space normal orientation to the time dithering step.

Hello again,

i just wanted to ask, would it be possible to get a tutorial on how you achived this effect? Or will you put it on the marketplace sometimes? :slight_smile:

Very nice results!
Would consider releasing this on the marketplace or putting it on GitHub or something?

Oh man, I´ll second this request. I would actually love to implant this filter as Background-Post right next to my Cel-Shader that is ticking in the foreground. Perfect match <3

Marketplace, Tutorial, GitHub - I take all! <3 <3 <3

Wonderful work!