The best stylized filter I've ever implemented!

By adding a time dithering feature to the Kuwahara filter, I’ve achieved a nice stylized effect.
So far there are still some minor problems, but I think the idea of adding time dithering to the filter has a lot of potentials.

Gorgeous, I didn’t think this was possible!

Any chance you could offer some insight into how you achieved this?

Looks fantastic. Great work!

I was under the impression this would break as soon as you started panning the camera. Boy, was I wrong.

Great work!

Are you putting this onto the marketplace or releasing it otherwise? Would definitely buy it.

Can you post a screenshot of how it looks with a low-poly stylized scene, e.g. one of these: Content by Synty+Studios - UE Marketplace

Wow, now THIS is a stylized effect, that truly deserves this description :slight_smile: it looks fantastic, and unlike many other effects, really stylized. How exactly did you achive this?

Really nice.
Can we see some with/without screenshots?

Update: I’ve achieved a sharper version by introducing screen space normal orientation to the time dithering step.

Hello again,

i just wanted to ask, would it be possible to get a tutorial on how you achived this effect? Or will you put it on the marketplace sometimes? :slight_smile:

Very nice results!
Would consider releasing this on the marketplace or putting it on GitHub or something?

Oh man, I´ll second this request. I would actually love to implant this filter as Background-Post right next to my Cel-Shader that is ticking in the foreground. Perfect match <3

Marketplace, Tutorial, GitHub - I take all! <3 <3 <3

Wonderful work!

Update: Add a vibrance filter for a more colorful look.


Looks even better now, but the years old question still stand: Will you release it somehow someday on the marketplace, or github, or create a tutorial for recreating this effect? :slight_smile:

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I assume that Time Dithering was probably slightly deformed in translation and actually stand for Temporal Dithering.

While researching for Kuwahara & Temporal Dithering, I stumble on the Artstation of Ansh Patel who shared a similar result to the one of IO chair. Unfortunately he doesn’t share step by step instruction but he still mention a few hints on how the effect was realized in his post called “Painted World (UE4): Real-Time Shading

Implemented an impressionistic “paintbrush” shader with an anisotropic Kuwahara with temporally-dithering AA and directional blur. To add a bit of dynamism to the scene, I also implemented an additional HLSL shader applied through a CustomDepth pass to create a “painted motion blur”.
Both shaders are used as screen-space post processing effects written largely using HLSL

The key seems to be in combining HLSL code for Temporal Dithering with the Kuwahara. Unfortunately my knowledge with HLSL is too limited for me to figure it on my own. Maybe one of you will have more luck ! If so sharing the method will be greatly appreciated ! :innocent: