Texture Streaming Pool UE5

I am use UE5.0.2 and I just started the project. but whenever I enter game mode as in I hit play it says texture streaming pool over budget. I checked stats and the moment i hit play the pool goes to 0 mb and the required pool says some 200 mb which is shown as over budget. Normal in my viewport the pool is at 1000mb and works just fine

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This is a standard console hack:

r.Streaming.PoolSize 2000

( or 4000 etc )


yeah i know about this but my pool is at 1000 and required is at 200. the problem is when I hit play the pool goes to 0 and so 200mb is shown as over budget

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You have to be aware, that the way the pool behaves in editor, is totally different from a packaged game.

The longer you use the editor, the larger the pool gets. It’s based on how many textures you have looked at since you opened the editor, not your game. The pool doesn’t get flushed by the editor.

The pool is managed correctly in a packaged game though, so that’s how to tell if you have problems.


Hello guys. Sorry for the necro, but i always has this error. But my problem is, that my poolsize dont gets bigger by the command. I always has 0mb of max poolsize.

Did you encounter this problem also?


Is there a way to increase this value forever? I have to enter the command every time I open the project. Very annoying

You have to do it every time. You can also put it on begin play ( in a console command node ).