texture settings changed during build - artefact ?!

Hi all

I ve a strange problem.
I m working on a project and till now, I didn’t have problem ( I builded fews times, no problem )

And now, I want to build last time for final render, and I have an a very big issue :

the most of my textures are bugged ( totally blurred ), and I ve strange artefact. The problem with texture is the “Mip Gen setting” from “NoMipMap” to “sharpen1” or “sharpen2”

I switched to NoMipMap, but I ve still the artefact.

why my scene switech to “sharpen” mode ??? why my project was clean, and now, strange artefact ??
( it’s not a lightmap resolution question. Before this, all was clean )

thanks !

please :confused:

I ve still this problem :confused:

I tried to check Never Streamed, but same issue :confused: