Texture, Memory and Optimization

Hey, so this is un related to Unreal Engine 4 but its Game related. If i want to use as less memory as possible, should i make 1 texture for my character that is big, or should i use multiple smaller textures?

Like i make
1 texture for the head n hair
1 texture for Body and arms
1 texture for Pants and Boots

Or should i just make 1 texture for my character that is bigger to avoid blurr? What is best optimized?

Not sure if you know this but you can also change the mip levels in engine. Doing this can downscale the size of the texture at runtime and save on memory. So if you import something at 2048 you can slowly downsize the mip level and stop right before it starts getting ugly.

For you question, this really depends on so many things but going to what I said above you could put everything on 1 4k texture and then try down scaling it with the mip level in engine and see how low you can get before it starts looking ugly.

Having more textures means that it is going to have to look up twice as much information than having 1 big one but having 1 massive texture like above 4k can also have a downside because it may take longer for that one. That is my understanding at least.

Okay, i’ll go with more smaller textures then i guess.

Thanks for the answear

In general case, one 4k texture will perform better than four 2k textures. With character, It is more about getting good visuals, rather than performance question. Firstly, hair is usually laid out on its own texture sheet, since it needs some kind of anisotropic shader. Secondly, eyes are commonly placed on separate texture aswell, because they need some effect to fake their depth. Thirdly, it is common practice to give head and body two separate texture sheets. The reason behind that is that usually, head of the character attracts more attention and needs higher texel density.

All after all, it is about the setting of your game and how closely will the character be viewable.