Texture ExportToDisk error

Hello, I used the UImageWriteBlueprintLibrary::ExportToDisk() function, I want to export a texture to the hard disk, the type of this texture, but I received an error message: it said that it does not support exporting DXT1 compression type texture. So, I wrote this piece of code to change the compression type of this texture.

During the debugging process, I found that the CompressionSettings of this texture has been successfully set to TC_EditorIcon, but when I execute the UImageWriteBlueprintLibrary::ExportToDisk() function, it still displays the display type incorrectly, and the conversion fails.


However, when I closed the game back to the editor, I reopened the texture and found that Compression Settings has been set to TC_EditorIcon

Then, I just need to re-execute the UImageWriteBlueprintLibrary::ExportToDisk() function. This time the texture can be converted successfully.

Therefore, I think why do I need to open the editor again after the conversion in the game to successfully convert? Is there any way to compress type conversion without exiting the game and export it directly to the hard drive? Thank you.

Hey, do you get it?