Texture Artifacts with Lighting

Hello, I recently bought a pack off of the market place for a realistic house and when I put a light near any of the walls I get the weird artifacts, see video for reference:

I have tried adjusting the bounds scale of the static mesh and virtual textures are not enabled for the project. If anyone has any ideas that would fix this issue it would be greatly helpful. Thanks in advanced!

Maybe try “Two Sided Distance Field Generation” in the mesh window?

Unfortunately that did not change anything, the artifacts are still appearing. I tried double sided geometry just to see but that also didn’t do anything.

It might be worth going into your post process and upping the lumens final gather (3 is recommended I think).

The other thing to try is upping your max screen percentage (top right hand drop down in viewport). By upping the screen percentage youre giving lumens more pixels (data) to work with and it should clean up some of those blotches.

Let me know how it goes

The issue was the Dynamic Volumetric Sky pack that was creating weird lighting issues. Once I put the default lighting objects back in everything works fine, so I will just remove that pack and figure it out later. Thanks for the responses!