TextRenderActor, font and material behaviour

I’ve just tried to render text using a simple TextRenderActor. I’ve set a custom font under the “Text” section using the “DefaultTextMaterialOpaque” material and setting another font (any but the material default one RobotoDistanceField). With this setup there is no way that the font I set is displayed, instead looks like only the new font coordinates are used but the RobotoDistanceField font texture is being used anyways.

I’ve been able to display a custom font creating a new material identical to the DefaultTextMaterialOpaque and setting the default Font Param to match my custom font.

Is this the intended behaviour of the TextRenderActor and its param “font” or should it actually be replacing the material font too instead of just the coords?

First row: DefaultTextMaterialOpaque and RobotoDistanceField font (the default one inside the material)

Second row: DefaultTextMaterialOpaque and Custom font

Third row: CustomMaterial (just copy paste from default one but with the default font param changed also inside the material)

Hi NoxWings -

Yes, you will need to change the Parameter as well as setting up a custom font material. This is intended behavior. Unless your font is laid out exactly like the default font. You can see this by opening up the Opaque Font Material and changing the parameter in the material.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Thank you very much for your fast response.

Is there at least any way to handle this through material instances instead of having to create (copy&paste) the same material for each font?

I’ve used FontSampleParameter node in a parent material but I’m not getting any option to select the desired font in the material instance.

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Hey NoxWings -

I understand your confusion now and have asked for some clarification on the exact workings of the font sample parameter. I will keep you informed

Thank You

Eric Ketchum