Texel density debugging

Is there any way of getting a debug view to indicate the approximate texel density that’s required for an object?

What I want to try is just overriding the mipmaps on my textures such that it has a different solid color for each texture level, which would make it easy to determine which mip level is in use (and therefore the necessary texture size for a particular object). But I can’t find any way of providing specific mip levels on a texture, and anyway I’d prefer to be able to do this programmatically so I can visualize it across the entire level.

Any ideas?

Yes, go to View Modes → Optimization Viewmodes → Required Texture Resolution. It’s described in the documentation here Building Texture Streaming Data | Unreal Engine Documentation

That specific overlay seems to cause a crash for me. The other optimization view modes work. “Material texture scales” seems like it should work, but seems unpredictable for texel density.