Testing on PC before Deploying into VR Device

Hello all,

I am totally new to game development. Last week I was trying to develop a simple game and deploy it into an Oculus Quest device.

I find time consuming the cycle between plugging-unplugging the USB cable and putting the headsets while debugging. Thus, I was thinking if is possible to deploy and run the game locally on PC by using a gamepad. Then, deploy it to the device to identify VR related issue and behaviors.

Could you please let me know your thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

Oculus Link is now available for the Oculus Quest, which allows you to use a USB-C cable to plug the Quest in to your PC and use it as a tethered VR headset, from there you should be able to test your game directly on the headset without having to build the Android app like you would with any other tethered headset. I haven’t tried doing development this way yet but I would think it will work, or at least it will be an option in the near future.

**darthviper107 **Thank you for the reply, I will have a look.

Hmm… I just ordered also the cable… but heck… how do you run and test the Quest App on your PC without deploying?