Tessellation seams between materials


I’m building a one mesh sphere with 32 material tiles and was trying out tessellation. All textures are set to clamp and tessellation is set to “crack free…” but I still get seams between the different tiles… see attached images.

Many thanks in advance!

One way could be to use world space textures. You can double click on the world placement node and copy everything inside it and use it on every texture. Gets kind of messy but it will make all your textures work together nomatter where you place the tiles :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for the hint but I don’t really understand what you mean with “world placement node”. Do you mean something like the WorldAlignedTexture function?

Yeah sorry, forgot the real name :slight_smile: Did you figure it out?

It’s called, “World Aligned Texture”

Best of luck!

I didn’t try using world aligned textures yet. Was thinking of a different solution using two UV maps… 1st for the tessellation hightmap accross the whole objects and 2nd for the texture tiles. Unfortunately it doesn’t work… or I could get unreal engine importing the FBX the way I prepared it in Blender.