Tessellation on Foliage not working


I don’t know if its me who has done something entirely wrong (most likely) or if there is a bug of some sort.

I have a palmtree which I would like to have a distance-based tessellation on. I got a few different models to make it look a little more random, problem is, when ever I place them with the foliage tool, the tessellation is not working. When I then place the trees manually, it works fine.

Is there a way to make it function for foliage, or did I miss something else?

Hello .

Ah, sensed something was off.

Thank you very much.

  • Andy

Hello enifleR,

This does appear to be a bug. I was able to reproduce this on my computer and I have entered a bug for it.

The ticket number is UE-21449. I will keep you posted on this bugs progress.

Thank you for reporting this issue to us,

Any word on this bug? I am encountering it in 4.10.4. Tessellation does not work on meshes that have been painted with the foliage tool. Could it be related to instancing? When you a setup that controls tessellation based on camera distance to the actor, would it only be working on the origin actor that is being instanced? If so, is there a way to do distance based tessellation on actors painted with the foliage tool?

I haven’t heard of any updates on this subject which I think is a shame. I really can’t find a way around the issue, so I am basically stuck with my project untill its fixed. For me I need alot of features from the foliagetool, not just the tessellation which is my biggest concern right now… Well anything should be possible, distance based tessellation would be in any case better around an actor, but Im pretty sure the problem persists…

Tessellation not working on foliage for me.