Tessellated landscape gaps

I have a problem with tessellated landscape. There are gaps visible in it as you can see from the screenshot.
The tessellation mode is PN Triangles, Crack free displacement is on and adaptive tessellation is on, Max displacement is 100000.

Would really like to know if there is a fix for that.

Are you using 4.13? Since it had some updates on tessellation on the landscape itself. If you are it is probably a bug where the next component in the landscape is not using tessellation, but also not accounting for the vertex offset near the edge.

Is there a way to fix it, or do we just wait till the next update?

Still need a solution for this bug

Maybe you just using too high displacement values?

Just tested it, I was incorrect about the components part. The tessellation does correctly fade out based on the LOD distance, and with your setup it is also broken on my PC.

I did however get a setup to work:
-Set your Tessellation Mode to PN triangles if you want smoothed tessellation.
-Turn off(!) crack free displacement. For some reason this does not work correctly with landscapes, I have no idea why.
-You can probably turn off adaptive tessellation since it is already addaptively tessellating based on the LOD distasnce, so tweak the LOD distance factor in your landscape itself.

My world displacement is just a texture using the landscape coordinates multiplied with a “Displacement Strength” scalar after which it is multiplied with the vertex normals ws node.

When I created my landscape, I used height map. Then added the layers so that I could use several different textures for it. I still can’t get rid of the gaps. Tried your recommendations with no effect. The gaps are less visible when using Linear LodFalloff but they are still there.

Fixed the problem. It was one of the settings for the intensity of displacement that I set to negative value.