Tesselation crack free displacement or PN triangles won't work on datasmith imported geometry

Hi, I imported some geometry with Datasmith, and applied a tesselation material to it, and the material won’t load if I enable either crack free displacement or PN triangles, mesh material will revert to the default checkerboard pattern.

These two are the same mesh, one was imported using datasmith and the other by FBX.

Why does this happen? How can I fix it?

Read in the material, it’s bound to give you a specific error that prevents it from compiling and/or read the output log to find out what went wrong and where.

When you enabled Tessellation sometimes you cannot use some features in UE4. One thing noticeable is stereo mode in VR

So, try using Virtual HeightField mesh instead of tessellation. But it might not work with all the cases.

Well, if it is true that tessellation is going away, we will all need to learn to use the virtual heightfield anyway.

At the same time the mesh streaming they are promising might change a lot of things. Including just not needing tessellation. Who knows.
It’s really as always all about the amount of tris illuminated by the light(s)…

Tesselation and subdivigint my meshes is too expensive for my project so I’m probably not using it, but still kinda weird that it works with an fbx mesh but not with old datasmith imported geometry, so I was just trying to troubleshoot

must be a datasmith problem, but I suppose i’ll have to wait for the next update to figure it out

Yeah! I’m looking towards that.