Will datasmith exporter for max 2021 work on max 2022?

As mentioned. I’ve been using max 2022 for a while now, but still haven’t seen a datasmith exporter plugin updated for this version.

Been having issues with datasmith exported meshes (as seen here: Tesselation crack free displacement or PN triangles won't work on datasmith imported geometry)

but that mesh was exported more than a year ago, wanted to give another try with an updated version of the plugin but apparently there’s no plugin for max 2022 yet, so I’ve been wondering if I can use the 2021 version.

Or better said, what files does Datasmith Exporter installer looks for so I can rename my max 2022 files to trick the installer, so I can check if it works or not? I tried renaming some 2022 folders to 2021 but no dice.