Terrain foliage rendering glitch

When scale distorting a foliage object the rendering glitches out a bit:
This stone is just grey and has not specular and metallic yet it does this weird reflection.
When distorting it as regular placed mesh in the world and it doesn’t have this effect.

Hi ,

Can you show me your material setup? Does any other asset use the same material? If so, do these assets show a similar effect or is it limited to this one mesh?

Here is the material setup:

It has nothing to do with the mesh, it also happens with the starter content sphere.

What is the specific glitch that occurs? From what I can tell looking at your material and your gif everything looks the way I would expect them to, though it is certainly possible that I’m overlooking the glitch you are talking about. Can you tell me exactly what is occurring that I should be seeing?

The glitch is that there is a reflection which shouldn’t be there. When placing that object as a static mesh in the world instead of painting it as foliage there is no reflection like it is expected.

I upped the contrast here, in the middle, that brighter area is the reflection.


It might be not much but that as a rock with normal map and using my post processing shader it becomes pretty obvious. A rock with reflection is not very realistic unless it is wet.

Can you send me the .fbx for the rock you are showing in the gif? Additionally, have you altered the source code to lambert instead of Burley as discussed at the link below?

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We have not heard from you in several days. I am marking this as answered for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing this error, please comment with the requested information.