Terrain Blending Tool (based on Star Wars: Battlefront)

Nice work! I’d honestly pay for a well-polished version of this. Would be an awesome quality boost to my landscape assets :smiley:

Looks really nice! How does it handle blending when there are multiple layers in the landscape material and the mesh gets placed between two of them?

Good question, no it doesn’t do that :). Currently, conveniently swapping materials is a bit of an issue since I’m using material functions for the landscape material. However, those landscape materials cannot be used as material insctance inputs :(. So I’m still struggling there a bit.


Blending Realism and Stylization in 3d Scenes << nice break down of how he handles material blending between meshes (I think that’s what he does).

Yeah I just saw that too, it’s super cool :D. Although I think he just uses world-space materials, I don’t think he really “blends” meshes together, although I could be wrong :slight_smile:

aye, I just like the idea of kit-bashing rocks together and not seeing intersection between the meshes :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for you to release this asset!

What’s the added benefit of using distance fields ?

Would it be possible to have an option not to use distance fields (for mobile projects) ?

Really awesome stuff, looking forward to see how it works!

Yeah I figured it would be hard to solve. Looks awesome anyway!

Without the Distance fields I wouldn’t be able to conform the mesh normals to the environment, so it is pretty essential :D.

You could potentially use vertex painting to create a mask along a fixed area for the mesh to blend with the landscape, but it won’t be nearly as dynamic as the system displayed here in terms of ease of placement.

You could also use mesh painting in UE4, but again, it’s a bit more hampering in the sense that you’d have to paint every single mesh you’d want to have blend.

@OlmoPotums: This should not be a tool but should be added in to Unreal by default. This looks very good and would definitely be useful to many people. Good job. 8-}

This looks great! Can’t wait to try it out.

Yeah looks great i would pick it up for sure.

I agree , this should definitively be added to Unreal by default.

Just joining in to say this is incredible.

Count me among the people who would love to see this built into the engine.

^ This. And much kudus, this is awesome.

Nice project. You should definitely put it up on the marketplace at some point!

I can hardly wait for this!

You could also plug a dither node multiplied by a strength factor into the pixelDepthOffset.

In this screenshots it looks pixelated but in engine it’s not very noticable.