TearOff dormant actor

Hello Everyone

I’m trying to wake up a Dormant actor (SetNetDormancy(ENetDormancy::DORM_DormantAll)) and TearOff, things is, I can’t seem to make it works, here’s how i do it

ForceNetUpdate( );
//FlushNetDormancy( ); // this is called by ForceNetUpdate
TearOff( );

but it doesn’t call TornOff on the client… and I know it has to do with DORM_DormantAll because if I comment it, everything works as supposed

Please, has anyone encountered this problem and know a trick or is it something I do wrong?!?

I found a way, its to use a timer to call TearOff, and the delay needs to be > MinNetUpdateFrequency, which feels quite hacky…

Thanks for your answer, but sadly, it isn’t working :frowning: