Switching on Nanites using Python

Hi folks,

So I’ve got a python script that loads a bunch of .fbx models into UE5, each has an associated text file to indicate whether it should have nanites switched on.

My question is: for the ones that require it, how do I switch on nanite generation using python?

Thanks in advance.

Because this thread show in Google Search with following keyword unreal engine python nanite, I will leave answer here for other to discover.

Here is my Python code to enable Nanite on StaticMesh.
This is the code that I write in UE5.0.3.

    static_mesh_editor_subsystem:unreal.StaticMeshEditorSubsystem = unreal.get_editor_subsystem(ue.StaticMeshEditorSubsystem)
    for static_mesh in static_mesh_list:
        nanite_setting:unreal.MeshNaniteSettings = static_mesh_editor_subsystem.get_nanite_settings(static_mesh)
        if nanite_setting.enabled:
        nanite_setting.enabled = True
        static_mesh_editor_subsystem.set_nanite_settings(static_mesh, nanite_setting, True)