Switch in Shader for Editor Preview only

Is it possible to create a shader switch that is only used for preview in the material editor? I frequently create particle shaders that use settings which work on particles, but make the material completely impossible to preview in the material editor.

For example:
Using any concept of depth fading from the camera - settings on particles would require the fade distance to be quite high, but in the material editor, the preview will be invisible, as the camera is too close.

In other environments, I’ve often used branches in my shader to define whether or not I’m in a tool that requires certain settings in order to preview correctly. I’d absolutely love the ability to do this in Unreal as well.


I am all for this, with dynamic/particlerelativetime/etc node it can be really annoying to check out the shader for the particles.

often for testing I do add a staticswitchparam, “Test” and when its false, use the values from dynamic/etc nodes, and when its “true” use self-created values.
Create a material instance out of it, and make the particles use the instance where the staticswitchparam is set to false.
(depending on how you plugged it in)

But actually having the ability to either open particles in the material editor (like how one can open meshes in the editor) or a menu where you can set some values for dynamic/particlerelativetime/etc would be an awesome addition.

can I bump this for a comment from epic? Or can we add this to feature requests with the dev team?

Is there a more formal way to send requests like this up to epic?