Swarm, Scalability question.

Hi everyone,

Had a couple quick questions.

  1. When using Epic, High, Medium settings in scalability, does this only affect your machine?

  2. Is the scalability setting applied to a game build?

  3. Does adjusting scalability affect VR fps?

  4. Do any shipped games like RoboRecall use less than Epic settings for VR?

  5. Swarm agent. Does having 2, 3, 4, 10 computers make a massive difference?

  6. Swarm - If it takes an hour to bake a map with 1 machine can you get it to down to a few minutes with a dozen machines?

Thanks for the help.

Anyone at all that can shed some light on the above questions?

  1. Yep

  2. Nope

  3. Yep

  4. Scalability is just a preset. What you put under the hood is entirely up to your project.

5.It does, but not as massive as you would expect

  1. It will certainly be faster.

Thanks, I appreciate the input.

Do you know if there are any shipped games with scalability turned down to Medium or Low? Anyone know what RoboRecall is set to? We are almost at 90fps everywhere with AI, effects, etc. on Epic.

Also, if you set the scalability to medium will light build faster? Just trying to find quicker ways to get a preview of lighting besides the quality of the light build itself.