Swarm Connection Stuck at 100%

When I try to bake static lighting, the editor becomes unresponsive and I have to terminate it via task manager. Even on a blank template project the editor will freeze when I try to build lighting only. It says ‘Starting up Swarm Connection… (100%)’. It will stay like that for hours, but a blank template should bake immediately. My specs are fine Ryzen 7 7200x and a GTX 1080 TI. Weird part is baking works fine in UE4 just not any of my UE5 projects. I tried redownloading the engine. Another thing is when I go to Engine->Binaries->DotNET and try to launch the SwarmAgent.exe to troubleshoot, the program won’t launch. I only have windows defender and made sure I created a new rule to specifically allow that program. Do you need to build the engine from source to access the SwarmAgent editor? Really I don’t care about running SwarmAgent to optimize my lighting bakes I just want my bakes to work. Any help would be awesome, I’m hard up on finding info on the topic. Thanks!