Survival Inventory

You are sure that it works, because when selects the pin of the mesh, it re conect on the one that is already connected

Thank you very much, now I know I can count on your skills, can you tell me or I have to go to put the clothes in the right direction and in the right place SVP

Merci beaucoup, maintenant je sais que je peux compter sur vos compétences, pouvez-vous me dire ou je dois aller mettre les vêtements dans la bonne direction et au bon endroit SVP

Hello, I was messing around with this an this error pops up

it seems like to me that blur in the back of the inventory when u pop it up is gone. I been trying to figure this out. just figure you can help with this.

Update: Fix the problem it was my mistake for got to set what the “Player Camera” was… seeing i forgot i changed camera’s name. :stuck_out_tongue: thanks anywho.

I removed it it voluntarily:cool:

Hello, Can we change actor from scene ? PlayerInventoryComponent
If yes, how SVP


I assume you mean switching from third to first person in game, thats not something that is in yet but will be in a future update

I’m very interested in buying this considering it’s so cheap i just have a few questions is this capable of setting up an axe and then when i equip it in first person it shows on screen? or is it more complicated than that? Also what about placing a campfire or crafting bench etc… how easy is it to add that?

It really depends on you knowledge of blueprints and the engine, this is an inventory system it does not have equitable weapons or a placement system it is defiantly possible to add those things your self

Hello, I hope you have a tutorial on adding new item ,I would like to modify the (item table) csv file In what format does unreal export it?
When I re-import the format is not the right one

Hey there,

I would recommend editing the data table in the engine, i don’t know what format unreal uses for the data table.

Ok, The night Gives advice, i solved the problem with itemData.json the data table in the engine, Can you tell me or I find it please

I would have to see how you made the change of data itemdata
In the engine, it would be very useful to me

A problem resolved, brings another, how to disable the physical simulation without losing the click on the target

I risk to spend time on this problem, ,not yet find, if you know it is too nice of you
I look everywhere in the blueprint, item, simulate physics

Here is the documentation, it shows how to add a new item in the engine data table editor

Ok if i was too fast for you sorry, thank you for the documentation

Show how to find the set component, 1.5 Migrating to your own projects
12. Once you get to the Set equipment nodes

[MENTION=15702]Defuse Studios[/MENTION]: I am busy creating a new storage container, it is actually an abandoned vehicle … everything seems to work except I can’t get the blasted thing to call the “Open Animation” and “Close Animation” events. Can you help me?

EDIT: Never mind, figured it out … had to make changes to the Storage inventory Component on the Play Animation event. All good.

If you want help shows what is it about, I do not know if difus studio will give you the information it does not respond all the time.

I sorted it out on my own … so no worries. The best way to get help from him quickly is use the support email address, he does respond on the forums and I usually just post here as my stuff is normally not urgent.

Sorry guys, sometimes i dont get notifications from the forum for new posts Ill try my best to answer on here faster.

Great job.But I will try to with this later.
Thank you for sharing.