Survival Inventory

This post will fix it

**Hotfix 1.5.1(Submitted) **

Patch Notes -

Anywhere else to check on the no unequip issue?

That should fix the issue

Looks awesome! Is there a way to detect if the player has a certain item in their inventory? For example, interacting with a door, check if the player has a key, only open if that is true.

Not by default, but there are functions to find items in the players inventory and an easy way to add custom use functionality to your items

I am using UE 4.16 and when i unequip an item… I have the same unequip issue as above but I have done your fix and no change. Any help?

This issue is fixed in the last update I have just tested it, if you are using an older version you need to apply the fix to any character blueprint that you are using

I just started the project last night why would it be an older version and also launcher show no updates.

Thats strange im not getting the same issue try selecting the custom event at the begin of where the image shows and ticking the reliable box on the event.

Ok I think I know why this is not working for me. In the PlayerInventoryComponent - Unequip Item at the end of the code from character call Set Equipped Mesh now when I do get Set Equipped Mesh it does not show with Equipped Mesh Slot Type. In the photo you will see.

7/7/17 1:15 Am

This is just an update on the unequip issue I got it fixed. Here is an image of what I did.


You could also right click the pin and hit split pin

I also would like to know? ^ But yeah just off top how hard would it be to use an actor for weapons n so on also can even do pawn to possess like a raven n so on lol but I`m going to look into it soon.

Not yet unless you are able to code that in your self, it is something being worked on

Hi! I’m thinking about buying the pack but I was wondering if it can be easily editable. The two main things I am wondering about is that could you remove the weight system easily and that if I have an interaction system already could I replace yours?

You Should come out with a weapon system for this pack you have 2 awesome packs. :slight_smile:

Both things are possible, it really depends on your own knowledge of blueprints. If you give me an email with what you have so far i will do my best to help

I’m working on alot of cool new things for survival inventory, player building system and a new pack. should start seeing some of the new things soon!

how did you do for the equipped mesh slot type

Hello i come and ask you how did you do for the equipped mesh slot type, i know well that it is not associated with my character, how did you do, thank you
Can anyone help me? please

Bonjour, je viens vous demander comment avez-vous fait pour le type de slot maillot équipé, je sais bien qu’il n’est pas associé à mon personnage, comment avez-vous fait, merci
Quelqu’un peut-il m’aider? S’il vous plaît

d4be3ddbd1a793434f657d7b1d1c09c03b5a9b89.pngDesktop 22-07-2017 19-18-37-791.png

Right click the equipment mesh pin on the node and select split pin