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Title - Survival Inventory

Price - $24.99

Version - 1.7

Description - Survival Inventory is a multiply compatible inventory system, designed with survival games in mind.
A fully fledged crafting and equipment system means that you can add any item you want in to the system in seconds and have your players be able to craft or equip them.


  • Multiplayer Support
  • Save System
  • First/Third Person Camera Toggle
  • Full Crafting System
  • Random Item Spawners
  • Storage Container
  • Customizable UMG UI
  • Full Equipment System
  • Add New Items And Crafting Recipes Easily
  • Health, Hunger, Thirst And Stamina stats
  • Use, Equip, Move, Split, Unequip and Stack
  • Crafting Queue System
  • Sprint System
  • Starvation and Dehydration States
  • Weight System
  • Video Tutorials
  • Full Documentation

Technical Details -
Technical Details: Meshes - 16
Blueprints - 23 (UMG) 20
Textures - 75
Documentation - Yes
Intended Platform - PC
Tested Platform – PC
Supported Engine Versions – 4.12+


Patch Notes



Small problem I bought the pack nothing to do with the screen on no third person not visible equipment cannot run I hope its going to thank you for the answer

Hey there,

Sorry im having some trouble understanding what you mean, if you are talking about adding this system to a 3rd person character I’m going to be releasing an update to add this to the pack in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for the answer, my bugs are: impossible to run, no equipment visible on the player, I can wait to have the new update Thanks And sorry for my english

Are you getting these issues on the demo map with the included charater?

Yes i am testing your pack First Personne , and when I I try with the third person is exactly the same

Try openning the player inventory component blueprint and recompiling it, for some reason some people are having an issue and that seams to fix it, I’ll send out a patch in the next week with some tweeks and hopefully that will fix it.

Thinks very nice
I will test, thank you very much

Update 1.1

Patch Notes - Survival Inventory – Patch Notes – Defuse Studios


Hotfix 1.2

Patch Notes - Survival Inventory – Patch Notes – Defuse Studios

Patch Notes 1.3

Patch Notes - Survival Inventory – Patch Notes – Defuse Studios

Does This have gamepad support?

No sorry only mouse and keyboard

Known Issue

splitting stack not working (Fix shown in image below)

Found in the Inventory HUD widget disconnect the last node as shown in the image

Update 1.5 (Live)

Patch notes - Survival Inventory – Patch Notes – Defuse Studios

Known Issue

Its a small issue in the character blueprint if you disconnect the input object pin from the equipment mesh pin shown in this image and attach it to the return value node on the select then this will be resolved

Hello m8 I found a bug in your Survival inventory system. While you are crafting and you select to craft multiple items for example 5, 10 or 20… it consume that count of material you want to craft fot example cartboard legs cost 1x large paper scrap and 2x small paper scrap. And you are about to craft 10 pieces of it. It will consume 10x amout of items so 10x large scrap and 20x small scraps and it will craft only 1 item! Instead of 10… anyway if you are setting the ctafting count manually it works fine. Please fix it :slight_smile: Thank you

I have just respond email sorry for the delayed response

Re upload Integration Tutorial

I am using UE4 4.16 and when i unequip an item…it still shows on the player… I cannot unequip…