[SUPPORT]CAMERA 360 v2. System


Camera360v2 - camera system for video and screenshot (cubemap 4x3, facebook 3x2, pano2VR 3x2, EAC, GearVR 6x1, 360, Fulldome, Cilindrical, Stereo)

Camera360v2 - camera system for video and screenshot (cubemap 4x3, facebook 3x2, pano2VR 3x2, EAC, GearVR 6x1, 360, Fulldome, Cilindrical, Stereo)

This is a complete set of all available solutions for rendering various directions. This product contains additional solutions that can be useful in everyday work.

Included * Camera 360v2 and bonus Camera 360v1*.


  1. included Camera 360 v1 (more information)
  2. Camera 360v2.
  • Raytracing, PathTracing;
  • Cubemap 4x3, 3x2 (FaceBook, pano2VR, EAC) GearVR 6x1, Mono 2d, Cilindrical, 360, FullDome, Stereo.
  • Pathtracing Stereo 360/FullDome working!.
  • Sequencer, Movie Render;
  • Not using Render Targets or Scene Capture 2D.
  • Converter to Image or Video;
    *Support Custom Rendering → Render Pass and Stencil Layer.

Support: forum
Tutorials: Link
Code Modules: (Runtime, Editor)

  • Camera360v2
    Number of Blueprints: 9 (Camera 360 v1), 8 (Camera 360 v2)
    Number of C++ Classes: 1
    Network Replicated: No
    Supported Development Platforms: (Mac, Windows, Linux)
    Supported Target Build Platforms: (Mac,Windows,Android)

Documentation: Link

Important/Additional Notes (more information): In the process of creating a theme forum.


  1. Initially, the shaders of the entire project are recompiled, or partially recompiled.
    With each change of projection, shaders are compiled.The projection for the entire engine also changes.To return to the standard path tracing mode, you need to apply a 2D projection.

  2. Path Tracing engine failures are possible, since rendering is very demanding on the computer;

  3. Cryptomatte;

  4. MovieRender - High Resolution shot and Rasterization not support;

  5. If using Solution PathTracing 360 180, Dome-> Off Splitscreen.

  6. if Using PathTracing + Rasterization method → Projection 2D !

  7. Hair groom crash engine if using rasterization solution;

  8. If using Rasterization, Raytracing - GI not support.
    I will provide more information in the video tutorials soon.

PathTracing not support:
*Cascade Particle System;
*Spline Meshes;
*Volumetric Fog;
*Light Functions;

Some Post processing does not work:

For rasterization. (For raytracing/pathtracing bloom and vignette)

  • Vignette = 0 (In Post Process);
  • Bloom = 0 (In Post Process);
  • ScreenSpace Reflection = 0 (In Postprocess);
  • HeighFog and atmospheric fog workig , but if used → Volumetric Fog → Long rendering time, or maybe seams.
  • Directional Light - Light Shafts Off;
  • Exposure (Sometimes due to the uneven distribution of exposure occurs in the seam. Try to adjust the check Exposure method Manual and change Exposure value).
  • Ambient Occlusion (Sometimes).
  • Screen Space Global Illumination (Beta) - There are seams. You need to disable it.

Please read the information before buying Link.

Examples original files: Link.


i have an issue with the stitching approach
i have rendered 5000 rames with the movie pipeline
but the stitching command line ends after frame 1000

NEWS 11.03.2021
In the next update, as I said, I’m adding a fixed FullDome 180 stereo mode.
Now there should be no problems when turning the camera.

Original files: link

I need to check it out. What approach did you use? This*?

Try change start frame, example, if 1000 frame end, change Start frame → 1001

no, i used this approach

when i set a different start Frame than 0000 i got this
and no frames are stitched

Please write to me email to Lenina62-@mail.ru , need check your sequence

i see Input 1-6 , using path …/Cam_1 , change to Cam_1 , Cam_2, Cam_3 …- Cam_6

yes, that was just for debugging
i had the correct camera path before

I’m sorry, the character limit was set to 3.
This is easy to fix.

  1. Open BP_Camera360_v2
  2. Find this Blocks and change all %03d to %04d ( Since you have 4 characters in the name)

I will fix this in the update.

NEWS 11.03.2021
In the next update, as I said, I’m adding a fixed FullDome 180 and 360 stereo mode.
Now there should be no problems when turning the camera.
The update has already been sent to the market.

Original files: link

And small change for correct number characters in name for converting image. Before that, there was a limit of 3 characters, and the conversion of the maximum number of images reached 999. Now you can change this by correcting the values.

If you find any errors, please let me know by email Lenina62-@mail.ru

NEWS. 11.04.2021. Experiments with realtime raytracing. “Camera360v2”
Unfortunately, there are problems that have not been solved yet and I cannot add this mode until they are fixed.

It’s hard to say when it will be ready, but it’s already good.

The crash you describe here

  1. Raytracing. Max working any lights + source radius 2-3, or crash engine.

Also affects static lights and not only source radius. Just debugged for 2 days and in the end it was 6 static rect light that caused a memory crash.

Hi, begehungen!
Thank you for telling me. I need to check everything!
Have you tried other solutions?
Solution 2. Using 1 cam. Camera360 v2. Release. Preview information. - YouTube
Solution 3. Using PathTracing Camera360 v2. Release. Preview information. - YouTube

Can you email me and send me your scene? So I can check? Lenina62-@mail.ru

i’ve tried a bunch of things. for now the workflow with sequencer and raster is exactly what i need for our workflow. RTX support, quick rendering. I’m having trouble getting the correct rotation in 6x1. Currently editing the ProjectionSettings-Structs CamRotationOffset.

Later i want to switch to PathTracing but for now this makes our workflow 10x faster than the native unreal panorender

Sadly can’t send you the scene, because it’s a clients project. Error should be easily reproducable though: static rectlights, put some angle, enable RTX on them and press play. that was enough to crash my scene.

I understand you, speed is the main thing. I will check and try to figure out how best to proceed in this case.

Tell me, can you describe what kind of problem occurs 6x1? is the camera installed incorrectly?

We need a different rotation than the default. not a problem for now and I’m waiting for documentation on custom screenSetup.

I’m gonna setup small testproject and sending it to you.

OK, I’ll try to put together a guide to the layout of user windows as soon as possible.

Do you have a dynamic project?
I tried to bake lighting using GPU LightMass, and then disabled shadow ray tracing in light sources. There are no crash engine. Apparently there is a problem when shadow tracing from light sources is activated.

But this solution is more suitable if you do not change something dynamically, since all the shadows are baked.

that could be a temp fix. We are completely static so for us it works.

something else: do you have a way of mirroring all cubes? so in a 6x1 raster i want every single cube to be mirrored vertically

Send me what it should look like?
Can you draw an approximate picture of the desired projection, the position of the windows?