[SUPPORT]CAMERA 360 v2. System

looks like this:

should looke like this:

Structure settings (camera rotation offset):

  1. 0.0.0
  2. 0.0.-180
  3. 0.90.0
  4. 0.-90.0
  5. 0.0.90
  6. 0.0.-90


please change in this settings bp_camera360v2, if not save in structure

You need add postprocess:
1.Create material
2. change to Postprocess + Unlit

3. Add this code
4. Add postprocess to your scene
5. Result. Mirror axis X

News 11.08.2021. PathTracing FullDome in Archviz interior.
Mini tutorial:



Movie Render:


Time Rendering:
1 frame = 3-4 min;
1632 frame = 4.5 days (108 hours).
Output size: 4096x4096px.

NEWS 11.11.2021. A small update. Update completed, please restart epic games launcher and update your plugin.
Tutorial: Tutorial 4. Camera360v2. HighResshot, CustomProjection for Rasterization. - YouTube

  1. I update highresshot functional for rendering. Working in Game (using sequence) and Editor(Highresshot).

    You can use a sequence for your animation. It really allows you to get your animation and rendering in pathtracing.

  2. Update functional for Resterization solution.
    You can shift the position of windows to remove extra pixels.

    Example size 7000x4666:

    And if using correct window 4, 5, 6 → correct -1 pixel

  3. Added new actor for CustomProjection. it’s like a preview of your projections. And then you can apply your values, only it all happens manually.

    And widget for realtime

    I’ll show you how it works in a video tutorial.
    And so you need to save the obtained values and add already to Camera 360 v2 so that we can make a new projection based on your values.
    If you find any errors, let me know

NEWS 11.18.2021. This problem planed fixed in UE4.27.2
Theme: [SUPPORT]CAMERA 360 v2. System - #21 by ElizzaRF

I have created an official request, this error is spread throughout the engine.

Target Fix 4.27.2

EXPERIMENTS. Realtime Raytracing FullDome/360/Stereo.

Experiments with realtime raytracing.

I was able to find some things thanks to which can switch to ray tracking mode in real time. However, as you can see, only reflections and cascading shadows are supported. There is no way to capture shadows for ray tracking yet.

So far, these are only experiments. When I will be able to finish this mode, it’s hard for me to tell you.

Hi, I’ve purchased Camera 360 V2, does it include V1 for UE 4.26? If so, how can i get it? thanks a lot!!

Hi, Rasaid!
Thanks for the purchase!
Please write to me to email

NEWS 11.25.2021. A new small update finished.Please update Camera360v2

  1. Added 2D Stereo projection for Rasterization and Pathtracing.




Also added a value, activate for Multiscreen. Be sure to deactivate when Path tracing is used.

@ElizzaRF I’ve been using your Camera 360 v1 for a while now and have just begun testing it with raytracing. The performance is very slow on my machine when raytracing is turned on with v1. Does v2 have better performance with raytracing compared to v1?

In Camera360v2 not using Render Targets for rendering.

The 360 v2 camera contains additional solutions and advantages. Yes, the rendering speed is faster.

There are several solutions,
for example:
Solution 1. Conventional rendering is used using Movie Render, where 6 tasks are created. Then we make stitches of the final result.

Solution 2. uses rasterization, dividing the window into 6 windows, yes it is very fast, but there is a problem that needs to be fixed in 4.27.2. This applies to light from more than 2-3 sources when activating shadows with raytracing, a failure occurs.
Camera360 v2. Release. Preview information. - YouTube (all tutorials activated raytracing)
[SUPPORT]CAMERA 360 v2. System - #21 by ElizzaRF

Solution 3. Using Path Tracing, this is a very high-quality rendering, but long and demanding.
Tutorial 2. Camera360v2. 6 task solution + Movie Render - YouTube - this solution working for pathtracing and raytracing.
All methods do not use the render target of the target.
Tutorial 1. Movie Render Settings + PathTracing - YouTube

try in Camera360v1 using this solution

This solution does not support Movie Render or sequencer.

Thanks @ElizzaRF !

Regarding your Solution 2 (rasterization)…

  1. Is it possible to view Fulldome in editor in realtime? (instead of 6 windows)

  2. Does rasterization use render targets?

  3. With rasterization, do I need to enable Ray Tracing in my project?

  4. Is it possible to use Camera 360 v2 with no Ray Tracing?

  5. Will Camera 360 v2 work in UE 4.26?

  6. Is it possible to use depth of field with the rasterization method?

  7. Regarding the problem with light from more than 2-3 sources, will this problem be solved if I disable ray traced shadows?

Good afternoon!

  1. No, unfortunately, so far only those projections that are in the list;
  2. No, using viewports;
  3. It doesn’t matter, you can work with raytracing as well as without raytracing.
  4. Only 2 modes, rasterization and a solution using 6 tasks for Movie render.
    To use path tracing, you need raytracing activated.
    5.Unfortunately I made a version for ue4.27. You can do everything in 4.26, then convert your project to 4.27 for later rendering.
  5. Yes, i recomended chose your cinemacam, and all settings (dof, postprocess, settings);
  6. Yes.

The good news is that I am working on improvements to the 360 v2 camera, and I am looking for solutions to create a fulldome/360 in real time using the rasterization method without using render targets.

Example, raytracing experiments:

Experiments with realtime raytracing.
I was able to find some things thanks to which can switch to ray tracking mode in real time. However, as you can see, only reflections and cascading shadows are supported. There is no way to capture shadows for ray tracking yet.
So far, these are only experiments. When I will be able to finish this mode, it’s hard for me to tell you.

Thanks @ElizzaRF for your response.

I think I will want to avoid having to do the render using 6 tasks, because I worried this will result in longer render times compared to one fulldome output. Is this true?

If I have a 30 second shot rendering fulldome at 4096, no raytracing, is it possible to render one single fulldome output using the seqeuncer?

Could I send you a test project zip file by email to do a test render? Or would it be possible for me to have a demo of Camera 360 v2 to test it?

Hi, dbkvadiv!
In general, yes, because rendering happens 6 times (tasks).

If you have a camera360v1, you can already do this. Or are you having problems with rendering?

Camera 360 v2 will use a 3x2 facebook projection and then convert to a full-dome image. It’s very fast. I can record a video clip based on your project and show what I mean.
Send your project to my email, and specify which map to run and which sequence to render.
My Email

@ElizzaRF thank you, I’ll send you my project by email.

Hi @ElizzaRF ,

sorry if that is a stupid question, but how exactly do I get my previous settings, before I’ve clicked on Recompile Shader? In your document you say " To return to the standard path tracing mode, you need to apply a 2D projection.", but I really don’t know what is meant. Because since I’ve pressed on that button, I’ve got some strange “small flying windows” in my scene … I guess they’re from the actual windows, but look buggy, kind of.

And while I’m here: The template for pano2VR is based on 3x2 cubes. I only started testing that stuff ou today, so I’m really new to the panoramic images game, … but if I create a 3x2 cubes image with the size of ~2880x1920 and I import that into pano2VR, nothing really works … not with automatic nor with any other mode. I know that is not your software, but I thought … if you already provide a template, you may have some hint. Ignore that part completely if that is too stupid. I’m still at it right now and may find some solution in the near future, but right now I’m a little bit desperate. :confused:

Anyway, nice tool! Still trying to wrap my head around … basically anything.

Hi! I think the best option is to email me :slight_smile: I can connect to you remotely and see what questions you have while working.

Have you checked the video tutorials?
For example, if you plan to use Rasterization mode Camera360 v2. Release. Preview information. - YouTube , then you do not need to recompile the shaders, since this is necessary for PathTracing mode Camera360 v2. Release. Preview information. - YouTube.

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Thanks for the reply!

Sorry, those two questions aren’t related. Forgot to mention that.
But more later today via mail. Again, thank you!

NEWS 11.30.2021. A small Fix update.

  1. Fix GearVR6x1 rotation camera for 6 task solution.
    An error was detected in which the camera was rotated in the wrong direction.
    Correct rotation:

  2. Added MovieRenderAsset for automatic 6 task solution. (Sequence/MovieRenderAsset/)
    You only need to change the sequence and the map on yours and click capture. You don’t need to add anything to the Level blueprint. I will create a new video lesson for 6 tasks.

Don’t forget to replace the sequence data and your map.

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