NEWS 05/26/2020 Take Recorder + Camera 360.
Today I was written to and asked if it is possible to record a video in VR using Take Recorder and a 360 camera.

Take Recorder is a very useful plugin from Epic Games. You will be able to record the movement of characters, the game process, I think it has a lot of features.
Here is an example of how the Take Recorder + 360 camera works.

Youtube video: Example working Take Recorder + Camera360 in Unreal Engine 4. - YouTube

This is not a live 360 process, it is a recorded sequence using Take Recorder and Camera 360. If you have VR content and plan to record videos in 360, this is a great solution.

The video tutorial Tutorial 13. Camera360 + Take Recorder in Unreal Engine 4. - YouTube , everything is very simple and fast.

i just test it in epic content! 8k not different with 6k in HMD
[](360_Jpg_compare - Google Drive)

Hi, **tc22! **
Wow. it looks cool.
Try using Movie Render Pipeline for big image test.

try it ! good result! see under top post! thank you!

Wow, looks great :D!

Do you know how to reduce noise in raytracing scene? (4.25 movie render new tool)
I try my best and setup shadow to 32-64
but still have noise in 4K video , 8k render is too long!
standard sequence record is good result , i don’t know why new tool make noise so much!


Can you tell me what settings you use for rendering?

in my settings

Email me the camera 360 settings and Movie Render settings.

Write the Post-processing settings, with the raytracing tabs open.


  1. Select Camera 360 actor;
  2. Quality(Experimental) = 2600
  3. Movie Render
  • Using HighResOutput = 3
  • Antialiasing = 2 or 3.
  • And output jpg and size 5000px or 6144px for test.

I follow your setup step by step , but i found in HMD it is hard work !

i need to render big and biger resolution ! especial video lol , i will try shadow subdivide to 64 again!

**NEWS 05/29/2020. Soon new update for version 4.23, 4.24 and 4.25. **

The update adds two new modes for 360 stereo. Two modes allow you to capture the correct stereo 360.
Raytracing in this modes not working.

**1. Omni stereo mode. **
You can render as usual using the 360 camera, rendering time fast. However, you must activate the Omni Directional in Project Settings function.


  1. Quality(Experiment) - not working for change texture size. Changes manual. If any question, contact to me.
  2. If you use tessellation in your material, objects in your right eye may move in the photo.
    Possible solution: Disable the Tesselation function.
  3. The shadows don’t look right, they don’t seem to be positioned correctly. Problem shadows.
    Possible solution: You need to bake the shadows.
    Unfortunately, dynamic shadows not always displayed correctly.

**2. Stereo Panoramic (used standart free Stereo Panoramic Plugin). **
This mode adds a simple interface for working with the Stereo Panoramic plugin.
This mod is best used only for rendering stereo images. The rendering time is long.

If you are familiar with the Stereo panorama commands and want a deeper setup.Open Actor Camera Rec 360, and Find this block.

Long rendering:

  1. Change value Captures Speed
    The number of scene captures to capture concurrently. Raising or lowering the value of Captures Speed (SP.ConcurrentCaptures) can greatly affect capture times. If you set this value too low, you will not be capturing the optimal number of scene captures for parallel processing. If you set this value too high, you will overwhelm the GPU.

An interface has been added for this mode in Camera Rec 360 actor, panel Stereo Panoramic System.
Everything is already set up to work and get a high-quality stereo image.

In All modes, for ScreenShot used key M. For Rec in any moment - key R.

I tomorrow tested this scene and write to you settings.

I found if i add anti aliasing setting to 6 ,10 ,

it can reduce noise but add time, do you had good setting?

Unfortunately, I didn’t check the commands. I need to check them out.
Raytracing is also very demanding

Original image…ew?usp=sharing

I not use concole command.

Settings camera 360.
Quality(experiment) = 2500px.

Movie Render Pipeline:

  1. HighResolution = 2
  2. Output = 8000x4000
  3. Antialiasing 5

Thank you ! it is helpful!
i agree raytracing is hard work too!

I find problem denoising in project.…ew?usp=sharing - look, clear image :wink:
Camera 360 +Raytracing Movie Render Pipeline Unreal Engine. - YouTube - youtube example.

console command r.Raytracing.SkyLight.Denoiser 1 and r.Raytracing.SkyLight.SamplesPerPixel 64

look great and good result !

It is helpful!

what is your one frame render time ?

i use AA 6, 12 ,and render 20-30 secs in one frame , all 720 frame render in 4 hours …console i didn’t add!

Very clear video :smiley: Very nice!
My video 360. I soon uploaded full video.

Used Movie Render:
HighRes = 16;
AntiAliasing = 3;

If use full Raytracing (Global Illumination Full + Reflection) = 1 Frame = 26 sec. Output 15000x7500jpg.
if use Raytracing Reflection (Global Illumination OFF) = 1 frame = ~1 min. Output 10000x8000jpg.

I Use Raytracing Reflection (Global Illumination OFF). Rendering time: 992 frames. 5 hours 34 min. As it turned out, raytracing Global Illumination this makes no sense, since the shadows are baked in the scene.

My system:

  1. Core i7700k
  2. Ram: 32gb
  3. VideoCard: RTX2080ti
  4. SSD

ElizzaRF Thank you ! It was helpful!
Thank for your test!

**tc22, **I’m happy to help :slight_smile:
Megascans Abandoned Apartment in 360. - YouTube - Video Youtube 8k uploaded.

Original video file: NewVideo8k.mp4 - Google Drive

**NEWS 06/01/2020. Updated approved. **

  1. Please close Epic Games Launcher and Restart.
  2. Update Camera 360;
  3. Add Camera360 in your project and replace.

**Additional information about the update.
CAMERA 360 System (Blueprints) - #315 by ElizzaRF - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums **

Seam appear.

This is a clean migrated asset and Camera_360/Maps/Demo_scene3_Dome180 Level.
I didn’t modified anything demo level.

Bloom = 0
Vinette = 0
No Exponential Height Fog
No Volumetric Fog

In my project, The same is observed in exactly the same position.

How can fix it?