[SUPPORT] ArchViz Explorer

Hey Gputhige,

  1. If you enable the Look At Target option inside the Focus Settings, the camera will calculate the rotation based on the direction from POI Actor Location to the Look at Target Location.
    After that, you can add a separate transform to the POI_Geometry (Static Mesh Component). This won’t affect the camera direction.
    You can also disable the Use Look At Target? option and adjust the camera direction manually by rotating the SpringArm Component inside the POI.

  2. Please make sure to disable the Keep World Origin Near Camera option like in the screenshot. Feel free to write us an email if that shouldn’t work out for you.

thanks so much!

Thank you very much Stefan.

I have been able to successfully change the POI Actor location and also modified the SpringArm.

Will send a separate mail on the issues faced with Cesium.


Good Afternoon, Stefan! I have an issue with main explorer pawn. I made the volume and chose it. But UE says that main pwan dont have this initial volume. What I have to do? Because the website is down and I cant read instructions again.

Also can I change the bp_Ave_Sky to my or I need to setup all with my own? Because in my sky system there is the weather, time, clouds and etc. Can you help to setup the slider or it will be difficult?
Thank you for this program it is amazing!

Hello! First and foremost this tool is fantastic and thank you for sharing it with us! Secondly, I was wondering if there would be a possibility to add a button widget to the info box to allow for a URL to be linked in, and also having it so it can be toggled on and off visibility wise? I added one however it appears in every info box of each POI as it’s a blanket menu, I thought it would be a good way to link to anymore information in regards to the POI. Thank you!

Hi, I am using your Archviz Explore. I just want to know how did you Imported texture in landscape. when I open your landscape material I don’t see the texture for land. How Do I add my own texture on top of lanscape. I dont want to bring terrain from other software beacuse I cannot edit it in UE4. I want the Landscape to deform according to the map height and should have textures of map.

Hey ArchGodGiven,

  1. Please make sure that you assign the Explorer Game Instance to your Project. The website will hopefully be online again very soon. We are working on it.
    Until then you can check the following tutorial: ArchViz Explorer | Setup & Migration - YouTube

  2. It is possible, but we currently can’t help integrating 3dth party content. Try to replace the variable BP_SunSky inside the BP_Time_Widget with the new Variable Type (e.g. Ultra dynamic sky actor). The Blueprint will then give you some minor errors. Those can be easily fixed by someone with basic Blueprint knowledge.

Thank you Lauren.Clayton!

Try to copy the logic from the Level button. That Button only appears if the “Level” field inside the Details Panel of the POI is filled out.

Hi, i watched it thank you, but I am setup in new level where i am placing main pawn and assigning section initial volume and it doesnt work properly, but before it was

Hey KiranJohn,

The material and the base color texture for the Landscape are called M_Landscape and T_Landscape_01_BC respectively.
In order to edit it inside of Unreal Engine, you will need to create your landscape elevation from a heightmap.
There are many different ways to do that. You can either bake a mesh into a heightmap or use one from a source like USGS. You also need to make yourself familiar with the Landscape Technical Guide.


First off all, thanks for this amazing product.

Second, I have a project with two separate buildings in the same map but distant of each other. How would you approach to make the POIs of the buildings only when the building they belong to is selected?


Thank you for the response! How do you copy the logic? Could you show me how to do it? Apologies I’m new to Unreal and trying to learn the ropes with both ArchViz and Blueprints, thank you!

Hey Projeviz,

It is hard to answer this question. You will need two separate Initial Section View Volumes. Expose that variable and move it over to the POI Blueprint. You will need to do some trial and error. I’m sorry. :confused:

No need to be sorry.

You give me a direction.

Thank you!

hi Stefan, can you please tell me if I can add the weather to the project so that it changes according to the movement of the slider? And the second question is how to create houses like you have in the background of the main object? map. And is it possible to apply the texture of houses on them? but so that at the same time they glow at night just like you. The third question: how did you create roads and sidewalks? These are not ordinary splines in unreal? Thanks for your work, this is very cool project

Hi Stephan,
I want to create a function which allows me to walkthrough with another character.
I found your answer on this question on marketplace:

  • Both pawns should be using the same Player Controller (Preferably BP_Explorer_PC).

  • You can do the switch by using a Possess function inside of that Player Controller.

  • After possessing the new pawn, use the Create Widget and Add to Viewport functions to draw your widget onto the screen.

  • Also store a reference of both widgets in order to reuse them later on.

So I have new character which has all the controls I want. Switching to this character works with possesing it in BP_explorer_PC. But I cannot use that controls. I just can move with mouse like in 360 mode, but cant actually do nothing else.

Can you help me with this? How can I control my character?
Thank you very much!

And if you have some time, it would be great to create an tutorial to switching these modes. Or add this functionality in next version :slight_smile:

Hey sher_jakupov,

  1. This project doesn’t have a weather system, but you can do that by using content from the marketplace.
  2. I would take a look at OSM for Blender. I guess that it has everything you need.
    The time slider and is using a Material Parameter Collection to pass the information to the material with the glowing windows. If you want to use the same material as provided, please make sure to apply a UV Box mapping (with 1 meter for each direction) to the building models.
  3. We created them in 3dsMax, but OSM for Blender will probably do a better job on that.

Your Character Blueprint should have Input Axis Events. You will have to match them with your input settings.

Settings > Project Settings > Input

You will have a better understanding of that by comparing the Character Blueprint’s Axis Events with the ones of the Explorer Pawn.

Hi Stephan,
I want to ask how to build the project for the andriod platform, I tried many times and it didn’t works.
Can you explain to me all the process please. (andriod studio + UE)

Did you manage to make it work with runtime data table?