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Welcome to the support thread dedicated to ArchViz Explorer!

The reason, for creating this thread about two years after release, is that the Questions section on the Marketplace is not very clear and inconvenient to use. Valuable information gets lost and the same questions are being asked multiple times.

We also observed that search engines are having trouble picking up results from the Marketplace.

Therefore we encourage people to ask in this thread, as it will benefit other users the most. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi in addition to your pinch to zoom in feature, is it possible to add in say when double tap to a location, then will zoom in n teleport there? I think that will be good feature.


Hey mkchai,

Yes, it is possible. You can achieve that by adding the following Blueprint script to your BP_ExplorerPawn.

I published the Blueprint on BlueprintUE. You can simply copy it from there and paste it inside the Graph.

That’s great Stefan, tqvm for your speedy reply

I had to change the time zone in the BP_AVE_SunSky_01 by more than a few hours, and while the “in-game” time slider still goes to 22:00, it doesn’t turn to night time anymore, so the buildings emissive /fake-windows material isn’t very visible.

Hey pinikolov,

You can change the range of the slider in the following way:

  1. Open BP_Time_Widget.
  2. Go to Hierarchy > Select Slider_01 > Appearance > set your desired Min/Max Value (military time).

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Hello Stefan. Great work on the project. I’m loving it! But I have two questions:

1 - Could you compose a section on your documentation about how we can implement the Runtime Data Table on this project, since this is the recomended way by you to have runtime changes? (Or, if you don’t want to touch the documentation, at least help me with it?)

2 - I’m having a strange behaviour that my PAN dont work, neither the WASD or the Right Click. As soon as I right click or touch any WASD key, the camera goes to the center of the project and stays there, it doesn’t move anymore. But I’m still able to rotate it around or zoom in and out. DO you know what it might be?

Hey juninholiveira,

  1. Unfortunately, we are currently not able to provide support for 3rd party plugins. You will need to ask the creator of the plugin himself.

  2. You probably have some collisions blocking your pawn. You can check that by setting the View Mode to Player Collision.

Another way would be to select the CollisionComponent inside of BP_Explorer_Pawn and set Hidden in Game to False. Then, inspect the movement of the small red ball during play.

Hi Stefan!
How can I add another slider to change the day of the year? it will be nice to have for architectural sun studies for the clients.
Thank you!

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hello! Excellent job!
I made the package for Android, but the frames were too low, there’s no way to use it.
How do you optimize for mobile?
thank you so much

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True, i did it too and it runs in the tablet, but at 5 fps and looking bad.

hello! Excellent job!
I made the package for Android, but the frames were too low, there’s no way to use it.
How do you optimize for mobile?
thank you so much

I would recommend migrating ArchViz Explorer to an existing android project.
You can find a tutorial about migration on YouTube and the documentation page.

Here are some tips:

  • Start with a simple scene and gradually add meshes and rendering features to it.
  • Package the project from time to time and test it out before you keep adding more features.
  • Optimize your textures and materials. Reduce the texture sizes and remove some effects on the materials.
  • Turn off lighting features. Use static lighting if possible. SunSky will not work properly on a lot of mobile devices. Replace it with a simple sky and directional light.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile: