Summer #UE4jam Submission Thread!

The game was meant to be a free running in which a child had to reach jungle to get a specific flower for the medicine of her mother which is ill. However, when he reaches there, the flower was taken by an animal. Hopeless child starts crying until an old man comes. The child tells him the whole story upon asking of Old man. The Old man clarifies that the flower he was going to take was a poisonous flower, while Old man gives him the flower he wants. He goes back, makes a cure and helps her mother get healthy back.

Although there was a lot of work for cinematics but in my team, only I had the knowledge for Unreal 4 (Less Knowledge actually) while the other guy with me had the knowledge for 3D modeling. So I couldn’t catch up with the time, still I am uploading what i have made.
Thank you…

Link to a download of your game:

Team name: ZeeGee

List of team members:
Hasnain Noorani
Dani Sachwani

Name of your submission (Please format it with your team’s name attached ex. TeamName_GameName): ZeeGee_Search

A,S for turning left and right.

P.S: Internet is slow, It would take some time to upload!


------Edit: Description!
A stealthy game about a chameleon who is allergic to cats… And has to infiltrate a bandit cat hideout!

Download link: We are having some packaging issues :frowning:
–Edit: we managed to package the game (1.5hrs late), but there are sound issues in the build:
----Edit: after too much building and rebuilding I figured out how to make Wwise work in the packaged project:
Team name: Space Skeletons and Co
Team members: Dmitry Seregin, Alina Israfilova, Anna Kuzmenko
Project name: SpaceSkeletonsAndCo_MissionAllergic

Extra assets:

Sound effects:
oldedgar - Sneeze AC 3 (Freesound - "Sneeze AC 3.wav" by oldedgar)
martian - footstep-on-wood-foley (Freesound - "footstep on wood foley.wav" by martian)
Sound laboratory (Sound laboratory - YouTube) - Walking through mud puddles sound effect


Animations from Mixamo

Where do your cravings lead you?

Link to download:
Team name: The Unknowns
**List of team members: **Carlos Aartsen, Matthew Schultheis, Britteny Chieng, J Daniel
Name of submission: TheUnknowns_Crave
Assets not created during the game jam: Final scene’s table, chair, fork, knife, wall, floor Cabin’s chair, table (made by Matt some other time ago)

Beard Envy - Act II

Team Beard Envy

Aaron Coker
Ben Webster
Josiah Ward

Project Name: Act II

All assets created by us within the jam. Music by Komiku.

The search for wealth on behalf of the Advenutures Guild gets ever more desperate, the piggy bank runs dry. It’s your job to score some loot. Remember, the failures of your predecessors may turn out to be the sweetest of blessings.

Edit: Realised there were some major bugs in the build so if you were on it with downloading all the jam games on the deadline, we would be eternally grateful if you could redownload our game so you can enjoy it :slight_smile: her is my game my first ue4 game jam game hope you like it i spend all week making it :smiley: it was a lot of fun :smiley: hugs every one

I had some trouble uploading the game because of the bad internet connection but it should be up now and I’m uploading it too to my game jolt

the quest for toilet paper enjoy :smiley: her is my game my first ue4 game jam game hope you like it i spend all week making it :smiley: it was a lot of fun :smiley: hugs every one

hey epic dit you det my game :smiley:

just testing how this forum is working


Team name: Liduos Games
List of team members: David Soudil, Josef Furstenzeller
Name of your submission: Liduos Games_Inferno

Story: You are playing as a soul of fresh dead man. If you can collect enough Karma, you will be blessed and sent to heaven. If not…well… you stay in hell… :wink:
Controls: Left and right arrow for moving right and left, Space for jump
List of all assets that were created outside of the game jam period:
Infinity Blade: Effects - Rocks, Chains, Bridge, Lava particles
UE4 Starter pack and Side Scroller

Wasn’t able to fully complete the JAM but I learned a ton within UE4 which was my main goal.

Made some cool time lapses of my asset creation step:

And building out the race track with the previously created assets:
Team name: Biomatic Studios
Team members: Robert and Marcos
Name of submission: BiomaticStudios_BiomaticSGame

Some sound effects including music except the voice acting and the ghost sounds come from, all the other assets were made by us during the game jam period.

Link: Link](
Team Name: JW
List of team members: Jan Wlosok
Name of your submission:** JW_Escape**


WSAD - movement
Arrows - camera movement
Spacebar - grab/drop objects
E - hide/camouflage (works only when standing next to an object)
R - reset/restart (last checkpoint)(use when messed up physics)
P - pause
**Esc **- quit


Used assets:

-Two textures from starter content

Submitted 1h and 20m late.

If the other two had shown up as planned, we would have finished with time to spare…

I got close, but this isn’t horseshoes.

Good luck everyone.
(what I was working on…)

Yep, don’t try to kill rats, they’re immortal xD don’t mind, there’s save game glich where it loads faster than saves, sound gliches and more and more and more because were out of time :frowning: Needed 1 more day to make it perfect and tweek things up, anyways if someone wants to try out fully fixed game with a complete story i will upload it in the same link after few weeks. :slight_smile:

Aloha! I hope this finds you all in wonderful spirits! I had plenty of build problems so apologies for the late post.
This is a simple game where you area a celebrity who has attracted ‘Paparazzi’ to a small town. You just have to pick out parts of an outfit to fool the '‘public’ . Avoid Superfans and of course the Paparazzi!! If your disguise fails to fool anyone your cover will be blown!

Hence the Title: Blessing in Disguise!

*This is meant to be a mobile game (but built out for windows)
• Link to a download: MEGA
• Team name: Elements.of.Life
• List of team members: Xaith, Lana, Nathan, Hale.
• Name of your submission: ElementsOfLife_BlessingInDisguise
• I took the character, animations, information popup, and altered pickup BP.
Put together in the last two days of the Game Jam, during downtime while working on another Game Jam project. WHEW! What a weekend! Mesh, textures, materials, landscape, SoundEffects (SFX by Nathan) and of course gameplay (AI interaction) are ours.

Link to a download of your game
Team name AtomicKopi
List of team members AtomicKopi
Name of your submission AtomicKopi_LeftBehind
Include a list of all assets that were created outside of the game jam period. Simple Animations, SK_Mannequin, M_Ground_Grass texture, M_Concrete_Grime Material.

Description When the rest of the king’s army marched off for war, you overslept and got left behind. Good thing, too! Because there’s an enemy scout by the castle walls! Light the lamps to alert the army to come back and try to escape him!

This is my first game in UE4 with any kind of variables attached. Needless to say, it did not go well!

This is probably way too late, but not uploading it after now would be too depressing, so here’s a rough non-entry :wink:

Team name: no_coffee
Team members: Herover (Me!), and music by Pill
Project name: Rootie


Title music: Morning Dew

1.1 update: Nextcloud fixes some issues making it easier to understand the objective, previous had a glaring issue I didn’t notice. The 1.0 is still available above.
Actual spoilers:

  • Make carrots more accessible
  • Don’t play end-music a gazillion times
  • Make Carrots amount text readable

Notice: if the game quits, you died.

Stuff learned:

  • Lightning is hard
  • Null-pointers are annoying
  • Colors are fun
  • Animations!
  • Version control is nice for code (if you remember to use it) but git is not too happy about big binary assets
  • Blender to Unreal is not always simple when using other peoples assets
  • But it’s awesome for quick models!

Credits: Epic training projects: butterfly, inspiration from top-down project, trees and some grass. 3d nature assets from Yughues on OGA, rabbit and humans by CDmir on OGA.
Music made by my brother “Pill”.

hey there, send to me or Amanda Bott :slight_smile:

Aloha! This is probably too late but we were having some major technical difficulties. Here is the information and the link to our game. Thanks so much!

Title: Escape Elipshid
'Your father, a man of significant importance in the scientific community, has passed away. Upon clearing his office you discover a secret ‘magic’ he has been hiding. ’

A few things to note* When you get the glove, right click to aim and press 1 to summon a ball of light. press 2 for lightning “bullet” press 5 for portal .!liInlb4Z!WCHnbkKmLqEQRpPSusT-H75ChXLGEY-ewr4XqeO4ni4

Team: Shoreline Horizons

Thomas Johnson
Roland Green
Nathan Cleary

Edit (forgot to include):
We used the Character and it’s Animation system from another project and initial pickupBP. About 65% of the mesh parts/materials/textures were taken from various sources. The Lever and Elevator require you to find some batteries to power them first. Everything beyond that was from the project we took the character and animations from.

ALL Music, and SFX By Nathan.
The TravelGate (Mesh,BP, particles, material/textures), +various BP, Mesh, Material, Textures, Particles by Xaith
Summon Light, Lightning Bullet and Light Door Puzzle BP, +various BP by Thomas
Environment mesh provided by epics products available on Marketplace (Hale took the time to find what we needed)
Environment design and creation by Faxlim

*EDIT: Does anyone know if our submission was accepted?