Summer #UE4jam Submission Thread!

Victor Blessing

We were only able to work three out of the five days, but we are pretty pleased with the result.
We have created every asset from scratch (with the exception of the skybox and a few from the ThirdPersonTemplate) and got friends and family to do voice overs. Gameplay is not entirely complete, but the controls are like an Unreal test project.

Link is here currently uploading…
Team name: Chimera
List of team members: 1 Artist/Designer 1 Programmer
Project Name The mysterious life of Viktor Blessing

The premise of the story is that you play the character Viktor Blessing who’s family have a special gift…creating blessings in disguise.
The aim of the game is to interact with the characters and choose the right dialogue options so that everyone will get their “blessing in disguise”. From poisoning, stealing money and all that in between, not all that is bad ends bad!


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Happy Kracken

Have fun playing as a Gaint Sea Monster kracken the a bunch of Viking ships!

Link to game:

WASD to Swim Around
Mouse to Look Around
Space Bar to Swim Up

Supports Controller

Photos of the game:

Game name: Doggy!
Team name: Techi-tech
Team members: Rodyan, Rei (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ

Collect bones, time bonuses and avoid traps!
Controls: WASD - movement, Space - jump, R - restart level, ESC - exit.

Third party content: Textures of nature and road.

Nice! Happy to see we got it in ok! :smiley:

This looks great! :smiley:

Link : - Google Drive

Team Name : PNP Entertainment

List Of Team Members :
Jung-ho Suh (Programmer)
Sa-dea-boo Ahn (Artist)
Ho-goon Lee (Artist)
Geun-yong Park (Designer)
Joon-sung Yoon(Designer)

Name of submission : PNPEntertainment_NoMoreBlessing

Assets used :
Intro music from [Atmospheric Orchestra] in the UE4 Marketplace
In-game music from [Scifi Adventure Library] in the UE4 Marketplace

It’s our team’s first game jam. It didn’t really go as we planned, but we still are satisfied.

Control :
A - Select Plague
D - Select Drought
E - Select Meteorite
LMB - Choose Magic(if Skill button clicked) / Cast Magic(if Skill selected and target acquired)
X - Cancel selected skill

  • Select skill by pressing hotkey(A, D, E) or click one of skill icons on the left side of the screen and then click on a stronghold where a battle is going on(indicated by crossed swords) or a capital(indicated by large nation symbol and religion symbol) on the map to use.
  • Hover cursor on a skill icon to see detailed skill description.

How to play :
There are 10 nations on the map. Each nation has 1 capital and multiple strongholds. You can check information of the nation by hovering your cursor on the capital.
Every nation will gain Violence(represented by bloody sword icon) and Power(represented by a helm icon) as time goes. The amount of the increase could vary due to their religions(represented by a book icon.
If Power of a nation is at certain level and Violence is full, it starts war. It would look for nations with a religion that has the worst reputation, which is represented by spheres at the right side of the UI. Then, it will find a nation weaker than itself and invade one of its stronghold if a nation is connected to one of strongholds of the target nation. If it fails to find one, it will start a civil war.
If either Power or Violence of a nation hits 0, it will stop war and forfeit its territory to invader. If it was a civil war, there will be no territorial change.
The Doom’s day gauge is shown as red filling-up in the orb that the Grim Reaper is holding. The gauge would build up naturally and the more battles there are in the map, the faster it would build up.
You can use the soul filled up in the orb to cast magic. You can cast 3 types of magic. Each magic has its cost and cool-down time. Tap Hotkey on your keyboard or click on the skill icon and then click a capital of a nation or place where a war is going on to cast the magic.
Although you need Doom’s day gauge to use magic, if the orb is full, you lose.
If you prevent the orb from getting full for 3 minutes, you win.

Sorry for the unnecessary complexity. Could have, should have done better.
Live and learn :confused:

Team name: Masters of space time
Team members: Khronos(aka. Time Reaper), emilioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
Name of submission: Johns revenge?
Assets used: jusmpscares sound effect.

This is a pretty late and probably too late entry but after the work i’ll upload it anyway.
So in the first few days of the jam “smaller” problems occured we werent able to work so game dont include menu or cutscenes and we feature a pretty glitchy ai.

How to play:
You play as andy johns friend. John died years ago in an accident in the theatre.F to toggle flaslight. you have to collect 10 necklace pieces without being caught by John. If flashlight acts weird lke focusing or flashing when you press a certain mouse button thats because intentionaly we planned way more gameplay but we went tooo much for graphics ;-;.



The version of the game we submitted was quite buggy. We have since fixed the bugs in the game and started a dedicated server so people can play! Most of the bugs were fixed very soon after the submit, so I’m not sure whether you can take that into account when judging but we wanted to post this here just in case.

Download the new version of the game from here:

The game comes with the dedicated server IP already in the input box so you can just click “Connect” to join. Let us know if you’re going to play via Twitter @StaticShell @hurricanejack2 and we’ll try to join you.