Summer #UE4jam Submission Thread!

UE4 Summer Jam Submission : VR Run and Gun

Requires VR (Vive, or Oculus + Touch), 180 degrees setup should work
Link :
Itch.Io Link VR Run and Gun UE4Summer Jam 2017 by Beep2Bleep
Youtube Playlist of the development: UE4 Summer Jam 2017 VR Run and Gun - YouTube
Team Name: Beep2Bleep
Team Members: Beep2Bleep
Name of Submission: VR Run and Gun
List of all assets that were created outside of the game jam period :
VR Starter kit
Bitmaps from Substance Designer were used to generate materials
Right thumbstick/pad to move
Trigger to Pickup Guns, Aim at enemies to shoot, menu button to drop guns to reposition them

VR Run and Gun is a first person VR shooter. You move with your right thumbstick/pad and move around the arena to shoot and dodge your enemies. You have 3 minutes to kill as many enemies as you can to get a high score.

Intended theme use was when you were hit to lose time but gain ability to place turrets, that was not implemented.

Edit: Link added, same build as before 2pm deadline.

Spoop Manager 2018

Spoop Manager 2018


Team Members:
Daniel Blibaum
Danielle Lewandowski
Patrick Nafarrete
Kyle Shanks

Assets created outside of the jam:
Background gameplay music (chiptune)

Assets not created by us:
UE4 Default Mannequin

Link to a game page:
Direct link to download:
Team name: TiMer Games
**List of team members: **

About the game:
Ted woke up to late and is now at risk of missing his train. Your task is to make sure that he doesn’t make it in time.
By doing this you will allow him to meet his future wife. Good luck! :wink:

About the project:
Due to our exams we only had 1 day to work on the game, nonetheless we are still very proud of what we achieved in about 12 hours. We hope you will like it as well.

EDIT: Added Banner and required credits to download link.

Fresh Lemonade - Dear Child

Download: download from
Team name: Fresh Lemonade
Team members: (1) Graeme_Crackers


All assets created by me during the gamejam, including 3 musical pieces, except for:
The footsteps and ambient wind I used Foley I created before the jam for a different project.
Modified default UE4 sky sphere.


This is a game about the loss of a loved one. While I would never want to say that having a family member pass away is a “blessing,” there are important reflections to be made about how we value life, and how we love in relationships. These things are often greatly affected by the grief we have personally dealt with in our past. In this game I explore the perspective of someone going through grief over the loss of a parent. The character walks through places that have strong memories associated with them, and has to face their fears and discouragements along the way towards finding peace with the death of the character’s mother. I hope that by playing this game you are able to reflect on the people you love, both the ones with you and those who have passed on, and treasure each day with them more. Feel free to discuss or ask questions on the page.

Additional Instructions:

The game content is finished once you have read the 2nd letter. Unfortunately due to time constraints I did not include menus, or a closing screen.

Additional Screenshots:


Download Link:

Alternate Download Link: - Google Drive

IMPORTANT GAMEPLAY CAVEAT - There is a bug with the main menu at this time. Please press escape once when the game starts.

Team Name : Team Miaow
Members: AlessaBaker, SniperGirl85, OrganicComputer, ThinkOG, BATTLESQUATCH
Submission name : TeamMiaow_TheTrial
Platform : Windows 64-bit

Purchased Assets:

European Forest by Dokyo

Female Movement Animset Pro by Kubold

Sculpted Rock Pack by Danny
Team name: raincoatz hood
Team members: NEED_A_JACKET
Submission: RaincoatzHood_RetroSlice

Everything created within the GameJam timeframe.
Due to a rush, no sounds are included in the game.


Team Name: Aberry Games
Team Members: Dustin Meijer, Douwe van Gijn, Esther Kok, Arianne Meijer
Name of the submission: AberryGames_Terrestial
Everything was made from scratch!

We were experiencing “unknown” build errors, so we have a zip of the unreal project

Traitor returns home - Horacio Meza

Hi this is my game!!

Team name - Horacio Meza (1)
List of team members - Horacio Meza
Submission Name : Traitor returns home


All the assets were created prior to the jam.
During the jam I only made the composition and creation of the city, systems for weapons and armor were random, in addition to all game play with 2 types of weapons and AI

Almost the whole process was streaming in my youtube channel (spanish)

Pics :

Video soon.


Thanks and Good luck to everyone.

Team Name: Cerebros Games
Game Name: Polarity
Team Members: Cerebros, Denny
Platform Android and PC

List of Assets: Epicleaderboard and Starter Content only

Input (Keyboard and Controller support):
Switch: Left Mouse-Click
Left: A
Right: D
Jump: Space

Summation: Switch between two color states, Light and Dark, to destroy obstacles in this endless runner. Light destroys Light objects and Dark, Dark objects.

Team Squeakinator
Game: Percussive Maintenance
Download Link:

(4pm Hotfix, July 4th):

Members: Alex Roberts, Josh Hall, Joe Coulas, Nicole Gorny
Previously Built assets: Main Character Animations, Music:Royalty Free Music from Bensound

What?! You’re not dead? Why the hell do you have robot legs?

Robots turned you into a robot. But now you can save the non robots from robots. Go smack as many as you can with your wrench.


Unfortunately we didn’t named our project properly and we couldn’t rename it.
P.S. we rename already packaged project and upload it.
Project name: Savior
JUST RENAMED VERSION: perfect_design_Savior.7z - Google Drive
DOWNLOAD LINK: Savior (2).7z - Google Drive
Team name: Perfect design
List of team members (2 members):

  1. Artem Nagaev
  2. Kasimov Alexander
    Disclosed Content:
    Music by Eric Matyas
    Particle systems made by our friend following Dean Ashford’s tutorials
    Particles from starter content (Explosions and smoke)
    Animations from Mixamo
    Also we used foliage from here:

Once God decided to send his faithful angel Blessing to earth to save humanity from awful disasters. So you play for that angel and trying to save all.

WASD - fly around
Mouse - look around
X - Perform actions on events

Game doesn’t work, better luck next time.

The version of the game we submitted was quite buggy. We have since fixed the bugs in the game and started a dedicated server so people can play! Most of the bugs were fixed very soon after the submit, so I’m not sure whether you can take that into account when judging but we wanted to post this here just in case.

Download the new version of the game from here:

The game comes with the dedicated server IP already in the input box so you can just click “Connect” to join. Let us know if you’re going to play via Twitter @StaticShell @hurricanejack2 and we’ll try to join you.


ORIGINAL POST: (for judging)


Team: Five Guys

Members: Jack Penny
Philippe Valensa
Dafydd John
Sam Brimlow
Joshua Payne

All assets were created during the jam. We however used the Ocean plugin and some free of rights audio. Animations taken from Mixamo.

Description: team based multiplayer game where four teams compete for gold. Your objective is to collect as much gold as you can from islands in the center of the level and return it to your teams island chest. You can use row boats to get to the big ships and big ships to store gold in transit. Players can only hold so much gold, so big ships will come in handy.

The game heavily focuses on players roles (disguises), you start naked. You must find the clothing to suit the role, e.g. captain clothing to control a ship, crew clothing to man the cannons and engineer clothing to repair ship parts.


We have a dedicated server up so you can just join in whenever. It’s development mode so you can host your own game through command prompt:

Host command prompt:
UJ_FiveGuys.exe /Game/Levels/LVL_Carribean?listen?mode=Pirates -server -log

Then you can join your friends through the menu system.



Team Name  
Sonder Games

Team Members
Joseph Yannessa
Saad Houalla
Nicah Levashova
Scott Winkelmann
Faysal Sultan

Submission Name
Blessing Of D’criste

WASD/Left thumbstick moves, E/Right Face button dismembers, R/left face button rallies your troops, Space/Bottom face button swaps, Esc quits, Backspace restarts the level.

All Assets were created during the jam!

In a world filled with demons, you’re a dying priest named D’criste. You have just been swapped into a body and your god speaks to you “…convert others”.
You have to dismember parts of the demons you posses and bless them to find other demons to allow you to swap.
You have to pickup religious text to accumulate the faith needed for a swap.


Team Name: League of Shinies

Team Members: Matthew Brooks, Courtney Jenkinson, Bryan Shaw, & Brittany Watson

Name of Submission: League of Shinies_Ignis

Assets: All assets were created during game jam period. Landscape material created during jam - credit of grass texture and normal, along with Basalt rock normal to Standard Asset pack. Credit of fire particle effect to Standard Asset pack. Credit of Skybox to Standard Asset pack.

Team Name: Pizzazz Games
Team Members:
Robert Paton - Programmer
John Rosaria - Programmer
David Bush - Artist
Submission Name: PizzazzGames_WarriorsTomb

Download Link: Coming as soon as it finishes uploading to gdrive.

Warrior’s Tomb is a 3D dungeon crawler which rewards the player for killing more goblins! Each room has a set spawn of goblins which must be killed before proceeding to a new room. Once the initial goblins are killed, the player has the choice to spawn more goblins by interacting with a button in the room and gain xp and item drop bonuses, or to continue to the next room. Player’s can only gain health through moving into a new room or from occasional pickups so must choose carefully between fighting another wave for bonuses, or continuing towards the end of the level. Once the player finds the trap door they can end the game (future developments would have this transition to a new layer of rooms with a different theme).

WASD for movement, E for button interaction, mouse movement for camera control and left click to attack.

All programming was created during the jam as were all models and textures. Animations and sound were outsourced from Mixamo and respectively.

Team: Boilerplate

Members: Kurt Weaver - environments, story
David Anderson - characters, movement/combat

Project: Hero Overboard!


Most of the human characters were modeled for another project of mine, so I modeled the rest in this matching style. The characters from pre-jam are the hero, NPC, witch, cloaked woman, and guard. The music is also royalty free, not made for the jam.

Jump into the boots of Alfred the Unlucky as he is cast out into a strange land filled with witches, goblins, evil warlocks, and more!

Use WASD or the left joystick to move, space bar or the bottom face button to start your ranged attack (if applicable), space/bottom face again to fire your ranged attack, Ctrl or the right face button to cancel the ranged attack. Unfortunately if you attempt to use the ranged attack as Alfred, who doesn’t have a ranged attack, it will break your ranged attacks for the rest of the battle. We didn’t have time to fix that, so don’t try to use a ranged attack as Alfred, the guy you start with!

Edit - Uploaded another version of the project to the same folder (tagged with _1.1), in which one of the booleans was corrected. The other version will lock you in one of the rooms about 2/3rds of the way through the game. Leaving both versions in there in case this one is too late.

Nightjar Jamjar
Craftybadger, Miamiaow, Gladpus, Kirakat

Bless dis

Our game is click to move, like a MOBA, with two abilities that can be unlocked during play.

The game is about “priest” who has accidentally ended up in Limbo during a wave of clerical angel errors. You discover that you have the power to bless the souls there, freeing them from the waiting and torment, however to do so successfully, you will need to wear a disguise. Free enough souls and find the next piece of the disguise to unlock the next level of hell!

Assets made outside of jam / free assets not by team : Ryzom Outgame Font, team logo ^^


Link to download the game: PA_TheBID - Google Drive
Team name: PA
Total members: 1
Member name: Punya Aachman
Submission name: PA_TheBID
List of pre-made content:

  1. 3D Models - Building, Crates, Debris, Grass, Trees, Watch-tower, M9 Pistol (, UE4 Resources Stevie’s Corner)
  2. Soldier character and animations (idle/walk/run/hit/death) - Mixamo Swat animation pack
  3. Materials & Textures - UE4 Resources Stevie’s Corner, Google Images, included with models
  4. Particles - Explosion and Smoke from UE4 Starter content (modified)
  5. Sounds - Death, Fire, footsteps, bullet-impact (Soundbible) and music from Patrick de Arteaga (Kiss and Goodbye, Resilience)

W/A/S/D - Movement
Mouse - Camera
LMB - Shoot
Space - Jump
R - Reload
F - Interact

Team: Girl and a Cat
Game: Healer
Formatted name: GirlandaCat_Healer
Team members: Impure Rose
Link (Windows 64): Dropbox - File Deleted
Content created before the jam:
Used Infinity Blade Effects, the Third Person Starter Pack, and the Starter Content.

Controls: Arrow keys, and ‘wasd’ to move, and backspace to exit the game, the rest is displayed in game.