Stuck in a 2D mode even when using perspective

Yesterday i saved my project and i went to bed.
This morning when i woke up, i opened the project up and it looked like everything but sprites and icons had disappeared… the Icons were stuck in a kind of “2D” look like they were rendering for a topview even though im in perspective.

If i click an actor… the mesh pops up, but it’s all bleached out… looks the same in the static mesh preview windows… but the shaders looks good in their preview window.

I restarted, tried switching viewport to top and back to perspective etc.

it feels like im stuck in a 2D mode of somekind.

The shader itself looks good in the preview (It’s supposed to be tiled like that) Screenshot - 56fa44337e0d40590975cf2c9b9f252b - Gyazo

What seemed to help (Very strange) Was to delete the EditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini in: project/Saved/Config/Windows Deleting the entire saved folder did not seem to work, but just removing this one fixed the problem.