Struggling with lighting artifacts

No worries! …I can understand if you don’t want to share your project… Just sometimes I/we don’t think of something when being “blind” but seeing the project the problem would jump out straight away…
Also while testing you can downgrade lightmap resolutions on areas that are fine and just concentrate on the problematic areas to speed up lightbuild… Also lowering lightmass settings and build quality…
Well it did get a LOT better! But I still see those dirty areas at places… Still looks like something is still “spitting” bad samples out…
Just a few more questions:

  • are you using any emissive materials?
  • you do have a Lightmass Importance Volume covering the whole scene?
  • you have lightmap compression turned off?
  • you don’t have any boosting multipliers? /GI multiplier for example…
  • have you tried/considered to try Luoshuang’s GPU Lightmass? /lot faster, more accurate light builds/
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  • I am using emissive materials, but none of them are being used as static lights right now.
  • Yes, I have a Lightmass Importance Volume covering everything.
  • Yes, lightmap compression is turned off
  • No, I don’t have any boosting multipliers (if I understand that correctly, I’m kind of new to lighting things)
  • I’m looking into that right now!

I’m going to share my project with you in a message!

Thank you so much for your help @Makigirl @MostHost_LA !

The issue was 100% emissive and diffuse boost! I have them all set to 1 now and the artifacts are completely gone! Luoshang’s GPU Lightmass took care of the rest!

I’ve been able to take great stills of the scene, but I have one more issue. There is weird shimmering/flickering on some of the reflective and emissive surfaces. I tested it in an empty level and it seems to show up in low light conditions.

Here is a video:

You can see really clearly on the big metal “cage” thing around the bar. It’s this way on emissive surfaces and pretty much all reflective surfaces at some angles. It’s even worse from a long distance.

Has anyone seen this kind of thing before?